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Jana Oliver interview and giveaway

Today I welcome Jana Oliver with an interview

About Jana
I’ve always been a bit “outside the box” and when I started writing I didn’t deviate from that plan. Flaunting conventional wisdom, I self-published my first three books in an effort to learn how publishing actually works. I learned a lot, including such arcane skills as how to calculate a book’s spine size and typeset a manuscript.

After spending a couple years honing my skills, I sold my Time Rovers® Series to Dragon Moon Press in 2005. That series (SOJOURN, VIRTUAL EVIL and MADMAN’S DANCE) was nominated for fifteen awards and has won twelve to date. Which still amazes me. I’ve also sold short stories and non-fiction articles for various anthologies.

My ultimate goal was a contract with one of the major publishing houses and that came to fruition in April 2009 when I signed with St. Martin’s Press. The Demon Trappers Series, a Young Adult Urban Fantasy series set in Atlanta, debuted in January 2011 in the United Kingdom and February 2011 in the United States. I’ve also written short fiction and non-fiction for various anthologies.

Though I’m an Iowan by birth, I live in Atlanta. I credit my crazy imagination for my success and honestly believe I have the best job in the world. And I love single malt scotch and expensive chocolate. Not a bad combination.

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1. Your Demon Trappers series is coming to an end soon, are you sad to see it end?
I am. I've grown very close to Riley, Beck & Co over the past three and a half years (I began the series in Winter 2008). I know those characters inside and out, especially Denver Beck. Still, at the end of FORETOLD all will finished and it’s time for me to move on. I will always remember this series with great fondness.

2. Do you have any plans to write more books after Foretold has been released, either for The Demon Trappers, Time Rovers or a new book?
There won’t be any more Demon Trappers books, but I am currently writing up proposals for a couple of standalone YA novels. And, someday, I’d love to go back and continue the Time Rovers tales – I owe Alastair and Jonathon a trip to Edinburgh, if memory serves.

3. The Demon Trappers was not the first series you wrote, can you tell us more about your first series, Time Rovers?
The Rovers series is best described as: Time Travelers, Shape-Shifters and Jack the Ripper. It’s what I call Victorian Urban Fantasy. The shape-shifters aren't the man-to-beast kind, but the sort that can make you see anything they want you to see. The time traveler is a spunky lady named Jacynda Lassiter, who is out to find a missing time “tourist”. Put all those together and you have the trilogy. It’s a wild romp in 1888 and 2067 and I still love rereading it.

4. Out of all your books, who has been your favourite character to write and why?
Before the Demon Trappers I would have said Jacynda of the Time Rovers Series. Now it’s definitely Denver Beck. I was astonished at all the layers on this guy, how I can peel one away and I find another. His backstory is very complex and totally heartbreaking and his quest for a decent future is so admirable. That’s why he’s my fav character at present.

5. When writing The Demon Trappers, did you have a plan set in mind for how it would end and how it got there, or did it evolve as you wrote?
I had an ending in mind, but I blew past that pretty quickly. Originally I thought there were three books, then it appeared it would be four. That fourth book grew out of what I’d learned during the first three and it truly wraps up the series in a nice, lovely bow.

6. On an average writing day how do you go about writing your books?
It various each day. Some are really productive (8 or more hours) and others not so much. It also depends on where I am in the writing process (first draft, editing, editorial revisions, etc.) Each part of a book has its speed. As long as the speed makes the deadline my editor and I have agreed upon, it’s all good.

7. How do you like to spend your down time?
I read a lot to help turn off my characters’ voices in my head. I like to watch British murder mysteries (I just watched the first 73 episodes of Midsomer Murders). In short, anything that isn’t exactly what I write. And if I’m really lucky, I get in a bit of photography even now and then.

8. You did a tour of England last year. Will you be doing it again this year?
I’ll be returning to England in mid-September, but not for an offical tour. I will try to meet up with readers wherever I come to rest (London, Edinburgh, York) but there won’t be any school visits and such.

9. What do you like most about being an author?
My job is never the same. Each new book is a new adventure and when it’s done, I get to start another. That means my “day job” is not boring. That means a lot to me. Plus, I get to daydream all day. How cool is that?

10. If you could host a dinner party for 6 people (living, dead, real or not real), who would you choose and why?
Jim Butcher (author), Ilona & Gordon Andrews (authors), Inspector Abberline (the copper who tried to catch Jack the Ripper) Johnny Depp (cool actor) and my friend Jean Marie Ward (author and former reporter). She’d ride herd on the lot of them (LOL).

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  1. Thanks so much for having me by. Your questions were awesome!

  2. Thanks so much for the chance. I love Janas work!


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