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Jeyn Roberts interview and giveaway

Today I welcome author Jeyn Roberts take part in an interview and also a giveaway of her debut book, Dark Inside.

About Jeyn
Jeyn Roberts grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and started writing at an early age, having her first story published when she was 16 in a middle-grade anthology called LET ME TELL YOU.

When she was 21, she moved to Vancouver with dreams of being a rock star, graduating from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Writing and Psychology. For the next few years she played in an alternative/punk band called Missing Mile before moving to England where she received her MA from the prestigious Creative Writing graduate course at Bath Spa University. Jeyn is a former singer, songwriter, actress, bicycle courier and tree planter.

An avid traveler, she’s been around the world, most recently, teaching high school in South Korea.

A lover of animals, Jeyn volunteers regularly with helping abandoned and abused animals, especially cats.

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1. How long did it take from having the idea in your head for Dark Inside to actually having it printed into a book?
It took years. Dark Inside is based on a series of dreams I used to have as a teenager. So the idea was in my head for a very long time. When I finally sat down and started writing, I finished the book in three months. Then I spent a few months doing revisions with my agent. Then some more revisions with my editors. All in all, it took about two years from the first written word to coming out in the shops.

2. Was there anything you wanted to add in the story that ended up edited out?
No. I ended up having to add a lot more in. Michael originally didn't come in until the middle of the story. My agent wanted me to bring him in sooner so I had to write more in. And being that I suck with endings, I had to add more to the original ending. But personally I think it all added so much more to the story.

3. How do you go about writing a story? Do you start at the beginning and work your way through, or do you do it in bits and pieces then add it together?
I always start at the beginning. When I write a story, I never know how it's going to end until I get there.

4. Was it hard to keep the different characters separate in the writing process?
I didn't have that much trouble. Each character has their own distinct personality for me. But every now and then my editors might say 'that's more something Aries would say' or 'that sounds more like Mason, don't you think?' Of course they were usually right.

5. Which has been your favourite character to write and why?
Mason is my favourite but he also drives me crazy some times. I love his moodiness and I like how loyal he is. With Rage Within, I really got to write a lot more with Daniel and I loved that too. Daniel has really grown as a character and I think readers will really enjoy that.

6. Dark Inside has a secret point of view. Do we get to find out who it in in Rage Within?
I've never really tried to keep Nothing as a secret character. Although I still don't come straight out and say it, it will be very obvious about who Nothing is in book 2.

7. Do you have plan for any more books, either to follow Rage Within or a new book altogether?
I have just finished a standalone novel that my agent is about to send off to my editors. So fingers crossed. I do plan on a third book for Dark Inside although I'm not sure when I'll be starting it. Hopefully soon enough!

8. You went on tour last year with Jana Oliver. What did you think of that experience and what were the best bits you remember?
I had a great time. Jana is a fantastic lady and we had so much fun. It was really exhausting but I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Going into the schools is what I like best. I'm about to do a small tour throughout Western Canada and I'm really excited about that too!

9. Which is your favourite cover for Dark Inside and why?
I love them both! I can't pick a favourite.

10. If you had a dinner party which 6 people (alive or dead) would you invite and why?
Oh, that's a tough one.
JK Rowling. Who wouldn't want to meet her?
Stephen King. I'd probably just cower in his greatness.
Colin Farrell. Do I really need to say why? *drool*
Benedict Cumberbatch. I've recently become a huge fan of Sherlock. I'd want him to come and just talk really fast.
My Dad who died three years ago. Because it would be wonderful just to see him one more time.
Chickadee from Dark Inside. She's such a lively person. I think she'd be a blast to hang out with.

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  1. I've not heard of this author. Her books look amazing though!

  2. Great interview! I'm always so excited to support debut novels!


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