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Marta Acosta guest post and giveaway

About Marta
So here's the scoop. I'm from the San Francisco Bay Area and I can never seem to get away from here for long despite my continual fear of earthquakes. Yes, that's all I got out of the geology classes I took at Stanford. That and a nifty rock pick. If you haven't gone to the desert and smashed things with a rock pick, you don't know what you're missing.

I went to Stanford and received degrees in English & American Lit and Creative Writing, which qualified me to do very little except read books. That was my goal all along, but no one pays you to do that. I studied in England and missed the sun. I worked in non-profits and the theatre and missed getting paychecks.

I live with the fabulous spouse and the force-of-nature spawn and our insane rescued dogs. A friend who recently visited said, "They are bad dogs." I prefer to delude myself that they are morally complex.

I've won some awards for my writing, but I get a real thrill when a fan sends me an email, or readers say they like the nonsense on my blog. My priorities have always been skewed.

I also write romantic comedy under the name Grace Coopersmith. Why Grace Coopersmith? Because Grace Coopersmith is always elegant and tasteful, and she never leaves her clothes in a pile on a chair or sings to her dogs. Despite Grace's annoying superiority, she is hilarious and always shows up with a good bottle of wine.

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Congratulations to Michelle on Much Loved Books Blogoversary! As an author, I just want to say thanks to Michelle and all the book bloggers who keep the book love alive!
Michelle asked me to write about important and/or memorable celebrations. I couldn’t pick just one, so I wanted to share a few that stand out.

Thanksgiving: my brothers and I were all in college at the same time and we would invite all our out-of-state pals to our family home for Thanksgiving weekend. I remember sleeping bags all over the floor and sofas, big breakfasts (and the first time many had eaten Mexican food), and a house full of friends and laughter.

Fourth of July: a friend had a lakeside cabin among the pine trees, and we arrived to find that our pals had covered the place in red, white, and blue streamers and decorations. We celebrated with barbecuing, sailing, and lots of fierce card games at night.

Worst Christmas: My friends and I were in the Lake District of England, staying at a B&B, and the owners asked us to leave for the day while they had their family over. We were broke, the weather was cold and raining, and everything was closed. We sat in a graveyard, drinking hard cider, exchanging small gifts and missing our families.

Birthday: My best friends treated me to a trip to Paris with air miles and a brother’s city apartment. We arrived in the early morning and wandered the beautiful streets as the sun rose.
Easter: We celebrated with my friends at their ranch, which inspired the setting of my Casa Dracula novels. We made a big brunch to share under the ancient oak trees. I’ve spent many wonderful holidays at the ranch.

What I really remember, though, is all those gatherings with family and friends that didn’t mark any special occasion – because being with those you love is always wonderful.

Michelle, I wish you continued success with Much Loved Books!

I am also happy to say that Marta's publicist from Tor has also offered up a copy of Dark Companion for an INTERNATIONAL giveaway.  Just fill in the rafflecopter form below to enter.

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  1. Entered. :) I like the best holiday memories idea; that's so sweet/amazing that her friends brought her to Paris!

  2. Hi, Headless, it was pretty dang swell to get a trip to Paris. I'd been there a few times before on the very cheap, but I'd never flown in before and it was amazing to see the lights of the city as the plane descended.


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