Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Review: Blood Alchemy by Benjamin J. Myers

Title: Blood Alchemy
Author: Benjamin J. Myers
Author Info: Website
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: The Bad Tuesdays #3
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 7th Oct 2010

Tell Me About It
Chess Tuesday is on the run... And the deadly Twisted Symmetry isn't far behind. They've already hunted down and imprisoned her brothers, Box and Splinter.
In a world where neither friends, enemies nor family are what they seem, trust is not an option. And Chess is about to discover that the truth may be more dangerous than she ever thought possible.

My Thoughts
Chess and her brothers have been separated. Box and Splinter are trapped on a prison planet in a moving prison, at the mercy of the Twisted Symmetry. Chess meanwhile, is secure in a safe house, away from the Twisted Symmetry. Soon enough, Box decides to go his own way,, escaping the prison and joining the Fleshings leaving Splinter behind. Not to be outdone, Splinter has his own plan and does the unthinkable, makes a deal with the Twisted Symmetry.

Escaping the Committee again, Chess soon runs into old friends, with the unwanted help from Ethel, and makes new ones, Anna. She starts to learn more about her Mother, and more about herself from different sources and sets out to not only find out who her Mother actually was, but to also stop the brain again.
With Anna in tow, Chess pays a visit to her old home and gets to see her old friends again. When her plan is revealed she ends up with the help of a few street rats, who quickly offer to help her gain access to the Cones where she thinks the brain is being hidden. The Twisted Symmetry pull out all the stops to try to capture Chess, and we get to see some more creatures that they have in their company and to what extents they will actually go to, just to get to Chess.

Although Blood Alchemy is mainly Chess's story, we do get glimpses into Box and Splinter's progress in their own missions, and I really enjoyed getting to see what Chess is like without her brothers by her side. Blood Alchemy has so many twists and turns I never knew what would happen and if Chess would succeed in her task, so many things got in her way that at times I doubted she would make it out alive. But somehow, she manages to pull of some amazing stunts, and shows of acrobatics that I was speechless by what she did. Without Box and Splinter, Chess's real character really shines through and we get to see how she really is around friends without having to check what she says for Splinter's benefit.

I really liked the plot behind Blood Alchemy and although there is a lot going on it was easy to keep track of what was happening, but it also shows how far the characters have come since Twisted Symmetry. I am really enjoying this series and I can't wait to start on the next instalment.


  1. Hadn't heard of this series before; it sounds unlike anything I've head before. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I really want to read this series, must get hold of it at some point! :)


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