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Review: My Forever by Jolene B. Perry

Title: My Forever
Author: Jolene B. Perry
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Romance
Series: Next Door Boys #3
Source: Purchased by myself
Format: eBook
Publication Date: July 28th 2012

Tell Me About It
Dani is mortified that she’ll finish her senior year of high school as the pregnant girl, and has no idea how to tell her father, who is also the pastor of her church.

When her friend, Michael, sits down next to her in the hallway at school, it leads her inside the doors of the Mormon church, a group she’s been warned against for years. Dani begins to listen to the small voice in her heart even as her world crumples around her.

Her old friends aren’t around anymore. And when her father discovers not only her pregnancy, but her involvement in the LDS faith, he asks her to leave his house.

Dani’s life is turned upside down as she moves states, tries to find parents for her unborn baby, and says goodbye to her friend, Michael, as he leaves for two years to serve a mission.

My Forever is a novel about the struggle to find the balance between what your head screams for you to do and the power of following the quieter voice inside your heart - wishing for a time when they both say the same thing.

My Thoughts
I am a huge fan of Jolene's Next Door Boys series and although my first one came from netgalley I have purchased the rest of the series when they have been released.  Without even having to read the synopsis I knew I had to read My Forever
Dani is in trouble, single, young and pregnant with a very religious family.  Her parents are angry and kick her out of their home, leaving her to fend for herself with the little belongings she carries in her bag. When her friend Michael, and his sister, Tracy find out they insist that she lives with them.

I loved Dani, sure she made a mistake, but she accepted it and carried on with her life the best she knew how to, she is strong character that strives to do what is best and what feels right.   I love the connection she has with Michael, he is so understanding and is always there for Dani, and I enjoyed getting to see their friendship develop as they slowly realise their true feelings. I like how supportive the Mormon kids are in the school, even if they have had direct contact with Dani or not, they are always there for her, even if it's just to sit next to her in class and offer moral support. 

I really enjoyed getting to know Jackie, and for her to accept Dani into her home the way she did is amazing, to have that much trust and faith in a stranger, knowing all they have in common is their faith, is astounding.  Reading My Forever gave me a better insight into the religion of these books, and while I am not a religious person at all by my own choice, it was nice to see the different aspects of their way of life and belief compared to my church days when I was younger.  The characters are truthful and work the best they can in everything they do, and it shows when you read the book.

I absolutely loved getting to see Leigh, Brian and Nathan again and I really enjoyed catching up with them.  I stayed up till 4 am reading My Forever, and I am really sad to see it come to an end but I have enjoyed every minute of the ride.  I don't want to say too much about what happens throughout and at the end of the book as I want it to be a surprise for you, just like it was for me.  I loved My Forever so much I have even read it a few more times in the time it's taken for me to read it and get this review up.

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