Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Review: Strange Energy by Benjamin J. Myers

Title: Strange Energy
Author: Benjamin J. Myers
Author Info: Website
Genre: Science Fiction
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 4th June 2009

Tell Me About It
The Tuesdays' journey to realise their perilous destiny continues in the second of the Bad Tuesdays sequence. Chess, Box and Splinter are faced with new enemies and allies - and still they are warned to 'trust no one'. Can they even trust each other? And can they rely on their own judgements and make the right decision when constantly faced with so many difficult choices?

My Thoughts
Strange Energy jumps straight into the action with The Tuesdays, who have left the Committee to fend for themselves.  A planned robbery ends up being a trick and the Tuesdays are once again enlisted to help the Committee, this time to be taken by the Fat Gobster to find out where the children are being taken.  Equipped with new gear that will bring them back, they await the arrival of the Fat Gobster to take them away. Soon they find themselves being taken on a train, in cages, on their way to a factory.
Upon arrival at the factory all the children are herded into cages, and only the quick fingers of Splinter helps the Tuesdays escape.  Their elation at escape quickly comes to a halt when they find themselves lost in a jungle, and their only ally is Balthazar, a prisoner on the island as punishment for murder, he helps the Tuesdays and gets them to a safe place. But can he be trusted, or does he have ulterior motives for helping the Tuesdays.

I really enjoyed Strange Energy, just as much as the previous book, Twisted Symmetry.  One thing that gets me is Splinters attitude towards Box and Chess, I know he is older than Chess and wants to protect her, but I feel like he blames her for everything that goes wrong, and doesn't seem to appreciate having her there rather than have her taken away. It's like he resents her. He is also not very nice to Box and continuously calls him names and makes fun of him.
I enjoyed watching the progress that Box and Chess make, I personally think Splinter could do with an attitude adjustment and maybe needs to get down off his high horse and actually realise that Box and Chess aren't there to fight him and make his life a misery, they are there to help each other and be there for each other like what family is meant to do.  The Stonedrakes were a surprise and they end up being valuable allies. I liked getting to see how they battle the enemy and the different skills they have that come with their bodies.

As Strange Energy nears the end we discover the secret that Splinter has been hiding and it is used in the ending to split the Tuesdays up.  Strange Energy was a great read and I am glad I have the next instalment ready to read as I don't think I could wait too long to see what happens next.
Once again Benjamin J. Myers has drew me into the world he has created and I can't wait to find out where Chess, Box and Splinter are heading now.

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