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Blog Tour:Skating On The Edge by Joelle Charbonneau

Title: Skating On The Edge
Author: Joelle Charbonneau
Author Info: Website|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Mystery
Source: JKS Communications
Format: eBook
Publication Date: 2nd October 2012

Tell Me About It
It’s Native American Summer Days in Indian Falls, and Rebecca is roped into taking a turn in the Senior Center dunk tank. That is, until her rhinestone-studded grandfather, Pop, needs help setting up his Elvis act. Minutes from climbing into the tank, Rebecca has to find a replacement, and roller derby girl Sherlene-n-Mean is delighted to fit the bill---until she’s dunked, electrocuted, and killed. It’s obvious that this was no accident. Someone rigged the tank, but who was the intended target? Sherlene-n-Mean or Rebecca?

With a list of suspects in hand and Pop cheering her on, Rebecca starts asking questions. Who disliked Sherlene-n-Mean enough to kill her? Could a father really be capable of murdering his own daughter for money? Why has the bowling alley owner suddenly decided to call a truce and offer Rebecca his assistance? Who was Sherlene-n-Mean? Did her mysterious past catch up with her and get her killed or was she a victim of circumstance? Aided by a trio of self-appointed bodyguard derby girls and caught between Deputy Sean and her sometimes-boyfriend Lionel, Rebecca digs for answers, dodges bullets, and races to find a killer before the killer strikes again.

My Thoughts
When I got offered the chance to review Skating On The Edge as part of the blog tour I jumped at the chance.  Not only did it sound like a great read, I love reading books about skating, even though I have no balance to actually do it myself.
Skating On The Edge follows Rebecca, default and reluctant owner of Toe Stop Roller Rink.  A lucky escape for herself from the dunk tank launches a murder investigation into who would want her dead, and why.  Unhappy with the progress made by law enforcement, Rebecca takes it upon herself to do her own research and find the killer before they strike again.

From the moment I began reading Skating On The Edge I was hooked, I loved the characters in the book, from the roller derby girls, to Rebecca's  Father who is on the scene, then not, even her on/off boyfriend Lionel and his camel.  Rebecca is a likeable, but believable character, one that I instantly connected to.  I love how she takes it upon herself to investigate and how she can't do it without her own guard of derby girls to go with her.  The measures she goes through to ensure she can escape had me in stitches.
The mystery behind Skating On The Edge and the never expanding list of suspects ensured I was never bored and was constantly trying to rule people out, or add them to my own list and when the suspect is revealed I never once guessed this person.
It wasn't until I actually looked up this book on goodreads that I realised Skating On The Edge was the third book in the series.  Skating On The Edge works amazingly well as a stand alone book, i certainly didn't know it wasn't, and not once did I feel like I had missed out on anything from previous instalments, although now I intend to read the series from the beginning.

Skating On The Edge is a great mystery book, with some romance thrown in, that keeps you hooked from the moment you open the pages.


  1. I've read the prior books in the series and always found them to be a real hoot. The last roller rink in Brooklyn closed almost 30 years ago. Their liability insurance climbed sky high as the makeup of the community changed.

  2. Skating on the edge is a wonderful book to read by Joelle Charbonneau by inspiring others to enjoy passionate skating in the rink.


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