Friday, 5 October 2012

Review: Ashen winter by Mike Mullin

Title: Ashen Winter
Author: Mike Mullin
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Post Apocalyptic
Series: Ashfall #2
Source: Netgalley
Format: eGalley
Publication Date: 16th October 2012

Tell Me About It
It’s been over six months since the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano. Alex and Darla have been staying with Alex’s relatives, trying to cope with the new reality of the primitive world so vividly portrayed in Ashfall, the first book in this series. It’s also been six months of waiting for Alex’s parents to return from Iowa. Alex and Darla decide they can wait no longer and must retrace their journey into Iowa to find and bring back Alex’s parents to the tenuous safety of Illinois. But the landscape they cross is even more perilous than before, with life-and-death battles for food and power between the remaining communities. When the unthinkable happens, Alex must find new reserves of strength and determination to survive.

My Thoughts
The previous book in this series, Ashfall, completely blew me away and when I found Ashen Winter on netgalley I didn't hesitate in requesting it.
Ashen Winter picks up right after Ashfall and the repercussions from eruption are devastating, the weather is getting colder as each month passes by, with no foreseeable break in it, air is full of ash and sulphur dioxide which could take years to clear.  Hardly nothing grows any more, and people are getting sicker.  Throughout all of this Alex knows he MUST find his parents, no matter what it cost's him.  Alex faces much more than what he did in Ashfall, but this time he has a reason to survive, Darla.  When the unthinkable happens, he knows he must do what ever it takes to get her back again.

Ashen Winter grabs you so much more than ashen winter, and with everything on the line you dot want to miss a single thing. The things Alex goes through day in and day out and still come out of it with the hope that what he is doing is right, is amazing and shows a true meaning of how much people mean to him.  The opposing forces Alex faces will stop at nothing to get what they want, and it comes with a price to many  The constant struggle to survive and just to make it out alive as each day passes, never knowing what will happen around the next corner is hard, not only in reading how the characters are suffering, but how in a worst case scenario, this could easily be us at some point in the future, a future I really hope does not come to pass.

Ashen Winter is a great follow up to Ashfall, and one that I am glad lived up to my expectations.  Not only does it grab hold and not let go, it also makes you think about possibilities and how you would survive if it was you in the pages.  I can't wait to read the next instalment, I just have to learn to be patient, very patient.

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