Friday, 9 November 2012

Review: The Spiral Horizon by Benjamin J. Myers

Title: The Spiral Horizon
Author: Benjamin J. Myers
Author Info: Website
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: The Bad Tuesdays #6
Source: Publisher
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 2nd August 2012

Tell Me About It
The time when the twelve suns become one is drawing closer and it could mark the end of all things. Only Chess Tuesday can prevent destruction - or make it happen. She has a choice to make, but there are powerful forces trying to influence her decision and Chess isn't sure who the enemy is any more. Is it Splinter, who betrayed her, and who is now falling for ever through time and space? Or could he hold the key to everyone's salvation?

My Thoughts
I really don't know how to begin this review, I have literally just put down The Spiral Horizon and I am a mixed bag of emotions. After such a nerve wracking journey I am only just relaxing, but before I even had chance to get my nerves back together before the book ended the tears started, and not just a few, a whole river of tears that lasted quite a few chapters.

I really really do not want to spoil any of this book so my review will be very vague as I try to avoid spoilers. The Spiral Horizon is the final book in The Bad Tuesdays Series, and anyone who has read the books knows that this one means war. By war it's not just a few bits of fighting, but total and complete utter annihilation, with all the forces divided into different groups each one is fighting the enemy and hoping the somehow Chess can save them all (no pressure there). There are lots of casualties, some didn't affect me and I quickly brushed them off but some did, some that I didn't expect and I was completely floored by my response to them, mainly because I didn't expect to feel anything, and I was an emotional wreck. While there is a lot of fighting, annihilation and all out killing, there were moments that were nice, a reunion between characters or sacrificing themselves for another, these moments were even more so poignant, taking place in the middle of a battle, and it was nice to see these little glimpses in the middle of devastation.

From the moment I began I was a bag of nerves. Never knowing what exactly would happen in the end meant I could never predict the outcome and although all hopes where pinned on Chess there was never a guarantee that she would succeed or even make the right choice. The Spiral Horizon has got to be one of the most nerve wracking books I have read in a long time, and one that I wont forget for a while. I have enjoyed every single moment of this journey with Chess, Box and Splinter and I am quite sad to see it come to an end. How it ends I wont reveal, you will have to take that journey yourself to find out.

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