Friday, 22 February 2013

Quickie Review: OMG Is This Actually My Life by Rae Earl

Title: OMG! Is This Actually My Life
Author: Rae Earl
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Publisher
Format: Proof
Publication Date: 7th February 2013

Tell Me About It
Fourteen-year-old Hattie Moore doesn't actually know who her father is - but that's the least of her problems. How ca she become a TOTAL HOTNESS GODDESS when Miss Gorgeous Knickers at school hates her and no one fancies her because she has no breast? And her family are an actual nightmare. Her unbelievably annoying brother is EVIL and on top of that, her gran is a TOTAL mental who may be texting rude jokes to just about EVERYONE in the world. Including her dentist.

Hattie's diary of this tumultuous year is an absolutely hilarious account of the ups and downs of teenage life including a dating bogey phobia, near death from biscotti and a home-made breast-growing machine.

My Thoughts
When I opened OMG! Is This Actually My Life what caught my attention immediately was the way it has been written. I knew going into it that this book was diary entries I just didn't know what to expect. The entries follow each other, with no chapter breaks, and each entry is defined either by the date or the time of the entry.  All entries are written by Hattie about everything that can run through a teenagers mind, not knowing who her father is, the HOT server in Berties, how small her boobs are, the list is endless.

Admittedly this book is aimed at younger readers, a lot younger than myself, and while I wouldn't have picked this up from a shop for myself to read, I did find that it was perfect for a quick read and is a refreshing change to books I have been reading lately.

 I managed to get through OMG! Is This Actually My Life quickly.  Hattie is an hilarious protagonist that won't fail to make you laugh, I even found myself laughing at her entries a lot through the pages.  She goes through real life issues that I am sure we all went though at some point during our younger years and if I was younger I would easily be able to relate to what she writes.

OMG! Is This Actually My Life  would be a good addition to any teenagers bookshelf.

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  1. I'm hearing such good things about OMG. I don't often pick up MG novels, but this sounds like it would be a great exception to the rule.


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