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Review: Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

Title: Girl of Nightmares
Author: Kendare Blake
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Anna #2
Source: Publisher: Orchard Books
Publication Date: 7th MArch 2013

Tell Me About It
Cas Lowood is no ordinary ghost hunter - he's in love with a dead girl. Her name is Anna Korlov. Anna Dressed in Blood. The girl who sacrificed herself to save his life. Racked with guilt, Cas sets out to do what he does best - hunt a ghost. But this time his aim is not to kill. He must rescue Anna from the depths of Hell. But Hell is also home to a creature Cas has battled before...Just your average boy meets girl, girls gets sucked into hell story

My Thoughts
I loved Anna Dressed in Blood when I read it last year and I have been looking forward to finding out what happens next with Cas, Thomas, Carmel and Anna.

Girl of Nightmares sees Anna make a re-apperence, Cas sees her in the faces of others, a dress in a shop, out of the window, and in the voice of other ghosts.  But the added stress and worry of seeing Anna makes it harder for Cas to concentrate when they actually go out ghost hunting, and a small slip nearly costs his friend's life.  Fractures start to appear in the friendship between Cas, Thomas and Carmel as she begins to distance herself from them.  When Cas finally discovers how he can save Anna it's not as easy as it seems, and a trip to England to visit Gideon is in order.

Enter Jestine, the 'niece' of Gideon, who makes her presence known to all, and to be honest I never really believed anything she said or did and always thought there was an ulterior motive to every single thing she does.  One of her tasks is taking Cas to the Order who can tell him how to save Anna, and the paths she follows takes them through a forest, Suicide Forest.  I have never heard of this type of forest before, but when it was described I felt it was sad and depressing, but also fits the story.  During the journey through this forest Cas must fight to make it out alive and it kinda reminded me of the Dr Who episode, Blink, and it definitely made me nervous.

Girl of Nightmares showcases how bad ass this trio are, we get to see Thomas use his magical abilities far more than the previous book.  Carmel is just as tough and we get to see her fighting and battling and she can certainly stand her ground.  Cas is truly put to the test in this book, fighting numerous ghosts and spirits.  I would definitely want to be on whatever side this trio is on in any type of fight

Girl of Nightmares is a great second instalment for this series, and while I think it had a perfect ending, I would love to see another book for this series.  It ended far too soon for my liking.  Girl of Nightmares is a must read for anyone who has read Anna Dressed in Blood.

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  1. I loved Anna Dressed in Blood so I'm definitely looking forward to this one, glad you enjoyed it!


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