Saturday, 2 March 2013

Review: Sister Assassin by Kiersten White

Title: Sister Assassin
Author: Kiersten White
Author Info: Website|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Mind Games #1
Source: Publisher
Format: Proof
Publication Date: 19th February 2013

Tell Me About It
She never chose her deadly gift but now she’s forced to use it. How far would you go to protect the only family you have left?

Annie is beset by fleeting strange visions and a guilty conscience. Blind and orphaned, she struggles to care for her feisty younger sister Fia, but things look up when both sisters are offered a place at Kessler School for Exceptional Girls.

Born with flawless intuition, Fia immediately knows that something’s wrong, but bites her tongue… until it’s too late. For Fia is the perfect weapon to carry out criminal plans and there are those at Kessler who will do anything to ensure her co-operation.

With Annie trapped in Kessler’s sinister clutches, instincts keep Fia from killing an innocent guy and everything unravels. Is manipulative James the key to the sisters’ freedom or an even darker prison? And how can Fia atone for the blood on her hands?

My Thoughts
I loved Paranormalcy, and when I found out Kirsten was writing another book my interest was immediately piqued. When I found out more about Sister Assassin and how it was darker than the  Paranormalcy series I wanted to read it even more.

Around the blogosphere I have seen reviewers praising Sister Assassin and reviewers not too impressed with it.  With both sides firmly in mind I went forward to read Sister Assassin, with mixed thoughts.
I wanted Sister Assassin to be great, for me to love it just as much as Paranormalcy and while Sister Assassin started out with a bang, it started to slowly fizzle out, leaving me confused, not only over which sister was which, but also the ever changing time line. While I do think the timeline fits the concept behind the story, it just didn't work for me.

Overall the idea behind the story was a great idea, but the way it was put into the book just didn't work for me.  I had trouble connecting with the characters which meant I wasn't invested in their outcome and was easily distracted.

Overall Sister Assassin was an OK read but I don't think it will be one I will read again.

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  1. I understand where you are coming from with this one Michelle. All the coming and going gets a little annoying but there was something about it that I liked. I do want to read the next to find out what happens.


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