Monday, 27 May 2013

Review: Ferryman by Claire McFall

Title: Ferryman
Author: Claire McFall
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Received at blogger event
Publication Date: 1st May 2013

Tell Me About It
When teenager Dylan pulls herself free from a train wreck and emerges onto an almost deserted Scottish hillside, she believes she is the only survivor. Seeing the figure of a boy on the bank she enlists his help. But Tristan is no ordinary passerby, and Dylan soon learns that instead of being the only survivor of the wreck, she is in fact the only fatality. And, Tristan is no normal teenage boy - he is her ferryman tasked with guiding her through the wasteland to her afterlife. As the pair journey further together through the dangerous wraith-infested wasteland, they fall deeply in love. When they reach the other side, Tristan promises to cross over with Dylan, but when she steps across the threshold and turns back, he is not there. Confronted with life without Tristan, Dylan vows to find him, but that means traversing the dangerous wasteland without a guide - A truly moving, epic love story, that's exciting, scary, funny, thought-provoking and truly original

My Thoughts
I have had Ferryman sitting on my shelf since forever waiting to be read, and a recent week off work enabled me to make some headway in my review pile, so Ferryman snuck into my reading time.
One thing I can't portray in this post is how gorgeous the cover it, its all shiny and pretty *pets the cover*.  I heard about Ferryman at the blogger event I received the copy from and was intrigued as to how this story would pan out.
Ferryman starts with an introduction to Dylan, the protagonist, and her life with her Mum.  They are not in the best of moods as Dylan is planning to visit her very distant Dad in Aberdeen, and her Mum is not too happy about it.  What starts out as a normal day for Dylan soon turns out as something worse than she could ever imagine.  The train Dylan is on crashes and Dylan wakes up alone, upon leaving the wreck Dylan spots Tristan sitting on the hill.  She approaches him and he encourages her to follow him.  Soon he reveals the truth, that Dylan didn't actually make it out the train alive and that he is there to guide her along the wasteland so that she can cross over.

When I began reading Ferryman I thought it was a bit slow but as Tristan is introduced into the story the pace began to pick up and I found myself quickly engrossed with the story wondering what this duo would encounter next in the wastelands.  With Tristan and Dylan being the protagonists in Ferryman it made it easier to focus on what is going on in the story and what is happening between the characters.  Claire has a way of writing that lets you see the small pieces that start to form a friendship between this duo, lets us take in all the detail of the wastelands surrounding Tristan and Dylan, and lets us paint a picture in our head.

When the truth was revealed to Dylan I felt sorry for her, although she knew things didn't add up it was a shock to the system to be faced with the truth.  I also felt sorry for Tristan, being stuck in the wastelands having to ferry people constantly can't make for a happy existence, and although Dylan was initially a pain I was glad he got some happiness from it.  I loved the ending of Ferryman, and the lead up to it made it obvious what would happen, I was still happy to see it come to pass in the end.

Ferryman was an enjoyable read and I am very interested in what else Claire can offer us.


  1. I haven't heard of this before but it sounds interesting. Thanks for the new addition to the TBR list =)

    Cat @ A2H

  2. I like the sound of Ferryman, and love your new header at the top of the blog :)


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