Thursday, 20 June 2013

Q & A with Daphne from Winged Reviews

Today I have Daphne from Winged Reviews answering some questions for me.


What is your name, either your real name or one you use for blogging, and tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi, I’m Daphne and I’m a 20-something living in not-so-sunny London. I’ve loved reading books my whole life, so I try to do that as much as possible. Occasionally, I do eat, watch TV, buy a lot of clothes and blog.

Why did you become a blogger?
As I said, I’ve always loved reading. It was probably a combination of the Goodreads community and my insatiable desire to discuss things I like/dislike with people. I love being part of a ‘fandom’, and my blog is my way of being part of the book fandom.

Tell us about your blog…how did you pick the name for your blog?
The blog was originally started with a friend who I met over Goodreads, Alison. We review a whole mix of genres, with a YA focus. In coming up with a name, we tossed a lot of suggestions back and forth and at the time, my Livejournal username was ‘winged’, so I suggested Winged Reviews and Ali loved it. It’s not too genre-specific and it lets me use cool wings as my rating graphic!

4. How long have you been running it?
Roughly about a year and a half.

5. What genres of books do you review?
As above, all genres. My favourites are fantasy and sci-fi/dystopia, but I read contemporary, paranormal, historical fiction, etc. The only thing I won’t review is non-fiction.

6. To you what is the most important thing about being a blogger?
To me, the most important thing is to be honest in your reviews. I feel a sense of responsibility to my readers and the general blogging community to give my unbiased opinion of a book, whether I really loved it or whether I had trouble finishing it.

7. Apart from getting to read some fantastic books before they are released, what is the best thing about being a blogger?
The best thing is being part of the community. Everyone involved in the book industry really are amazing, from my fellow bloggers to all the wonderful authors and everyone involved in the publishing side (PR, sales, marketing, editorial). It’s been such a pleasure meeting and working with them all.

8. If you could recommend one book or series which would it be and why?
My go-to book I recommend is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It’s just a beautifully written and crafted story. It will make you laugh, cry and feel everything in between and you will fall in love and root for the characters. I read it about 5 years ago and I still hold it up as one of my favourite books of all time.

9. How can we stalk follow you?

Winged Reviews

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