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Review & Giveaway: Love Is A Number by Lee Monroe

Title: Love Is A Number
Author: Lee Monroe
Source: Publisher
Publication Date: 4th July 2013

Tell Me About It
When her beloved boyfriend Huck dies, Eloise is wrecked. All she has left of him are the texts that he sent: short, succinct - but full of love.

They keep Huck alive. And so Eloise texts him back as if he can receive her messages from beyond the grave. She never expected to get a reply ....

Dan is travelling South America in one last hurrah before university and real life kick in.

He's ready for love, but not of the casual kind. He's not met a girl that's set his world alight. But he's ready for her when she decides to make an appearance. One night on his travels, Dan discovers an abandoned phone.

He pockets it, then forgets about it. He never expected it to ring ....
My Thoughts
This is the first book I have read by Lee Monroe, so although the synopsis drew me in I had no idea what to expect from the writing itself.  Love Is A Number is about love and loss and finding a way out of the pain you are suffering.
Eloise's boyfriend has died, heartbroken and depressed she is no longer the perfect daughter, student or friend, now she is wallowing in sadness and loss.  All she wants is Huck back, in an effort to feel closer to him she sends a text message to his phone, knowing he can't answer.  What she doesn't know is that Dan, who is holidaying in Spain, found Huck's phone and saw the message she sent.  What follows is a glimpse into Eloise's life, we get to see how she is dealing with losing Huck, and as she vents to Huck's phone, we get to see her true feelings coming through.

Love Is A Number takes us on a journey of love, loss, finding yourself and falling in love again.
The chapters take place both in the present and the past. The past showing how Eloise was before Huck died, how their relationship was and also how they met. The present is how she is coping with losing Huck and how one text message can change lives.

As Love Is A Number progresses Eloise begins to see how not so perfect her relationship was with Huck, in hindsight the way he acted around others and the constant partying were all clues to his infidelity, something which Eloise didn't initially see at the time.  Her life with her friends isn't what she thought it was, and now that she isn't the perfect friend she can see how very different she is from this small group, and how much she actually fitted in with her old friends. We get to see these clues as Eloise is seeing them for the first time as she looks back, and while some of the instances with Huck were obvious, Eloise was too blinded by love to notice them.  As a reader I saw these transgressions and I felt sorry for Eloise, not really knowing what your boyfriend is doing and then finding out after he has gone is tough, and while she vents by texting his phone she doesn't have the opportunity to tell him face to face.
We are introduced to Eloise's old friends, briefly at first but in more detail later on, and I quickly saw how good they were for Eloise, they are so in tune with each other and know what the other is feeling even if they lie or deny their feelings at the time.

I love how Love Is A Number is told from two points of view, with Eloise initially taking the most of the chapters in the beginning, and Dan picking up a few but getting more quickly. I enjoyed following this pair and seeing how two separate lives can end up being connected in a surprising but lucky chance of fate.  I liked getting to see Daniel learn about Eloise through the messages he reads from her, and while he is having his own adventures Eloise is always in the background, and then when he finally makes contact, getting to see them form a tentative friendship that doesn't feel rushed or under pressure to be perfect.

I really enjoyed Love Is A Number more than what I expected to.  Lee Monroe has managed to create a realistic world full of characters that make it easy to relate to them and feel invested in their future

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