Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Review: This Northern Sky by Julia Green

Title: This Northern Sky
Author: Julia Green
Author Info: Website|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Netgalley
Publication Date: 4th July 2013

Tell Me About It
Kate's parents are taking her on holiday with them to a cottage on a remote island in the Hebrides. Kate can't imagine anything more boring. But underneath her sulkiness, Kate is scared. Her parents have been fighting and she knows that for her parents this holiday is make or break. Once at the cottage, Kate escapes - outside, anywhere. And there she meets the warmth of the islanders, who are prepared to accept her and to listen to her. And possibly fall in love with her . . .
My Thoughts
I fell in love with Julia's writing when I read Bringing the Summer last year, it was the first book by Julia that I have read and I have another on my shelf waiting to be read.  When I saw This Northern Sky in netgalley I knew I had to request it.

This Northern Sky begins with a brief glimpse into a friendship Kate had with someone called Sam, and the mess he made, we then join Kate and her parents in a train journey as they head towards their holiday in Hebrides, it hints that this holiday is a last attempt for her parents, a make or break type of holiday, which immediately makes the journey less fun and more worrying, not only for Kate but also the reader.

This Northern Sky was a quick but enjoyable read for me I found myself falling quickly into the pages and I don't think I put it down at all.  What was meant to be a nice family holiday for Kate ends up beginning badly, overhearing her parents arguments and tension filled evenings.  She escapes from this pressure by exploring the island and ends up making friends with some of the islanders, Finn and his family,and their friends.  We explore the island, along with Kate and her new friends, learning about the life of the islanders, and learning about each other in the process.

I instantly fell in love with the island Kate is holidaying on, the quaint life of the people that live there, and the acceptance from them.  They take on Kate like one of their own, involving her in everything they do and showing her around the island to all the beautiful places.  The people Kate meets are easy to like and they make her time more happier as well as making you feel like you are there with them.

This Northern Sky has some issues that can be scary for children and family, but Julia has dealt with them in a tasteful way that doesn't draw from the story at all.  After finishing this book I am making it my mission to ensure that my bookshelves have some more of Julia's books on them.

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