Thursday, 22 August 2013

Audiobook Review: The Unsettled Dust by Robert Aickman

Title: The Unsettled Dust
Author: Robert Aickman
Genre: Horror
Format: Audiobook
Narrator: Reece Shearsmith
Publication Date: 19th July 2013

Tell Me About It
Robert Aickman, the supreme master of the supernatural, brings together eight stories in which strange things happen that the reader is unable to predict. His characters are often lonely and middle-aged, but all have the same thing in common: they are brought to the brink of an abyss that shows how terrifyingly fragile our piece of mind actually is.
The Unsettled Dust, The House of the Russians, No Stronger Than a Flower, The Cicerones and Ravissante first appeared in the Sub Rosa collection in 1968, but the stories were published together as The Unsettled Dust in 1990. Aickman received the British Fantasy Award in 1981 for The Stains, which first appeared in the anthology New Terrors (1980), as well as the posthumous collection of Aickman's short stories, Night Voices (1985).
* The Unsettled Dust
* The Houses of the Russians
* No Stronger Than a Flower
* The Cicerones
* The Next Glade
* Ravissante
* Bind Your Hair
* The Stains
My Thoughts
Where do I start with this review.  When I was first approached to review The Unsettled Dust I had to do a bit of research as I had not heard of the author or the book before.  The more I read about The Unsettled Dust the more it sounded interesting so I quickly replied accepting.  As soon as The Unsettled Dust was downloaded and on my iPod I began listening.

I love audiobooks and so far I have not found one that I didn't enjoy, The Unsettled Dust was a different matter.  The synopsis sounds great and I was looking forward to listening to some scary short stories, however I was quickly left disappointed.  While I enjoyed the first story, The Unsettled Dust, I was left feeling like something was missing on the other stories.  I waited with baited breath for a scary moment that would make me jump, or a moment that would creep me out, and it just never came.  Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy listening to most of the stories and I think if I had gone into listening to The Unsettled Dust without any expectations I may have enjoyed it more.
  There may be a reason for this, a childhood of watching 'meant to be hidden' Living Dead videos while we were meant to be asleep in bed has desensitised me to horror and I am still searching for the one thing that will truly scare me, therefore my ability to listen and watch scary things may have affected my enjoyment of The Unsettled Dust.

The narrator of The Unsettled Dust is Reece Shearsmith, and while I love his accent, I have decided that ALL audiobooks should be read with an English accent, I did occasionally find his narration a bit boring and monotone which made it hard for me to concentrate on what he was saying and found myself rewinding the audiobook to re-listen to bits I had missed out on.

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