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Blog Tour: A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers

Title: A Little Too Far
Author: Lisa Desrochers
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: New Adult
Series: A Little Too Far #1
Source: Edelweiss
Publication Date: 17th September 2013

Tell Me About It
Have you ever gone just a little too far?

Lexie Banks has.

Yep. She just had mind-blowing sex with her stepbrother. In her defense, she was on the rebound, and it’s more of a my-dad-happened-to-marry-a-woman-with-a-super-hot-son situation. But still, he’s been her best friend and confidant for the better part of the last few years … and is so off limits. It’s a good thing she’s leaving in two days for a year abroad in Rome.

But even thousands of miles away, Lexie can’t seem to escape trouble. Raised Catholic, she goes to confession in hopes of alleviating some of her guilt … and maybe not burning in hell. Instead, she stumbles out of the confessional and right into Alessandro Moretti, a young and very easy-on-the-eyes deacon … only eight months away from becoming a priest. Lexie and Alessandro grow closer, and when Alessandro’s signals start changing despite his vow of celibacy, she doesn’t know what to think. She’s torn between falling in love with the man she shouldn’t want and the man she can’t have. And she isn’t sure how she can live with herself either way.

My Thoughts
When I was approached by Lisa from A Life Bound By Books to participate in this blog tour I wasn't too sure.  I had not read anything by this author before and I wanted to find out more about the book.  After a quick look on goodreads I replied with a big yes.  The book had me very intrigued over what the protagonist, Lexie, had done.  I needed to find out more.
After breaking up with her boyfriend Lexie manages to forget about him due to her school being so far away, but is quickly reminded of him when she bumps into one of the girls he slept with.  Devastated, she goes home and quickly becomes upset, and what begins as comfort from her step brother Trent, soon ends up with the pair of them in bed together, days before she is due to leave for Italy.  Confused and torn between her feelings for Trent, but also how wrong it feels and unacceptable it is to society, she leaves for Italy in the hopes distance will put a stop to what she feels.

Lexie's time in Italy is spent in school, and helping reverend out, being a guide for school tours, but she also has decisions to make, and in deciding what she wants attracts a person who she thinks she wants, and causes them to question their own beliefs and future.  You are constantly kept guessing over who and what Lexie would choose, will she pick Trent and go back home, or will she pick the Reverend Moretti, and stay in Italy for a summer internship?

Lexie certainly had her entertaining moments, and one thing guaranteed to make me laugh were her confessionals in church.  But it wasn't all plain sailing and happy times.  The school tours she volunteers (more like coerced) were initially stressful, and I actually felt nervous for Lexie, being put on the spot and having to talk to children and teachers about various works of art was no easy feat, but I admire her for making it through and for coming up with some truly amazing ideas for the children.  I for one would definitely take part in one of her tours.
The characters we are introduced to in Italy all play a big roll in helping Lexie make her choice, and while some of them also need her input in things, whether they listen or not, they also help her see what she wants for her future.

From the moment I began reading A Little Too Far I was hooked.  I love how descriptive Lisa Desrochers is of the places Lexie visits, museums, galleries, different parts of Italy, and also the food she eats, it makes me want to go and see it all now, even thought art, religion and most food aren't my thing.  Lisa Desrochers has a way of drawing you in and making you feel like part of the story, like you are visiting each place, and following in Lexie's footsteps.
A Little Too Far was a fantastic read that I thoroughly enjoyed, it has the perfect blend of romance, love, lust, and sexy foreign men with just the right amount of attention to detail.  I was hooked, plain and simple.

About the author
Lisa Desrochers lives in central California with her husband and two very busy daughters. There is
never a time that she can be found without a book in her hand, and she adores stories that take her to new places, and then take her by surprise.

Look for her New Adult novel, A LITTLE TOO FAR , courtesy of HarperCollins Sept 2013, and the first companion, A LITTLE TOO MUCH , in Nov 2013. Also in stores is her YA PERSONAL DEMONS trilogy (Macmillan).

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