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Blog Tour: The Only One by Magan Vernon

Title: The Only One
Author: Magan Vernon
Genre: New Adult
Source: InkSlinger PR
Publication Date: 10th October 2013

Tell Me About It
Honor student, manager at the campus coffee shop, owner of an impressive sweater collection – Melanie Wilder has it all together. Then John “John Boy” Walden strolls into her life wearing nothing more than an impish grin and all-too-revealing loin cloth.

Soon, make-out sessions replace homework, lust triumphs over work. And to further crumble her perfect world, an unexpected phone call threatens to take away everything she’s worked for.

Now, as Melanie struggles to pick up the pieces, she realizes that John may be the only one to put her life back together…unless he shatters it first.

**This is not a sequel to The Only Exception. It's a companion novel with two characters from the first book. You don't need to read The Only Exception to understand this book.**

My Thoughts
I have been sitting on this review for a while, the minute I finished reading The Only Exception I made a start on The Only One immediately...and I am so glad I did.

The Only One is Melanie and John's story, we see both of these characters in The Only Exception and it was great to see them get their own story. The Only One starts with a party where John bumps into Melanie, spills a drink, and flirts like crazy. Sparks fly immediately but Monica and Trey are there to stop it going further. What they didn't count on was John popping up in the coffee shop were Melanie works, or in her lessons, and we quickly discover how misjudged he is. John is like super smart and goes to all these brainiac classes that upon first glance you wouldn't expect it off him.

The Only One wasn't what I expected, I was expecting something similar to The Only Exception, so I was shocked for it to be a different subject matter. Melanie is a strong person, and having to deal with what she does is tough, but I love how she has friends there to support her, Monica, and John make sure she knows she is never alone, that they will be there for her no matter what and to me this is what true friendship is.

I really enjoyed seeing the friendship develop between John and Melanie, and whilst there was more pushing than pulling, the pulling certainly got hot and steamy on most occasions. I also enjoyed seeing how Trey and Monica still had a role in The Only One, and I liked getting to catch up with this couple and see what they were up to.

John is perfect boyfriend material, he is initially there as a friend and makes sure Melanie knows he is there for her no matter what. While he did make a stupid mistake, in all honesty I don't see what Melanie was so worked up about. Not once did this duo label what they were apart from just being friends, so what did it matter that Melanie walked in on something she didn't want to see, yet continuously brings up. She should have had the guts to tell John what she wanted from their friendship.

Once again Magan has drew me into the world she has created, and I read through The Only One in no time at all. The characters are realistic and believable and that made it that much more easier to fall in love with these characters. I did no want The Only One to come to an end. Magan is now a must read author in my list of favourite authors.

About Magan

Magan Vernon is a Young Adult and New Adult writer who lives with her family in the insurance capital of the world. When not writing she spends her time fighting over fake boyfriends via social media. You can find her online at

Website - Facebook Fan Page - Twitter - Goodreads

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