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Blog Tour: Sutton Place by Louise Gaylord

August 27, 2013
Little Moose Press

Hardcover, $23.95; eBook, $8.97
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9893988-1-7
Trade Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9893988-2-4
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9893988-3-1
Suspense, 261 pages
Suspense, scandal and betrayal are the cornerstones of Louise Gaylord’s newest release “Sutton Place,” a prequel to the third novel of the “Julia Fairchild” series.
“Sutton Place” (August 27, 2013, Little Moose Press) details the horrific events of Julia’s teen years—events deeply buried in her psyche.

After quickly rising through the ranks at a prestigious New York hospital and becoming the object of a prominent physician’s affections, Julia’s painful memories slowly return. When a weekend tryst at a ski lodge turns into a complete disaster, there seems to be only one answer to Julia’s dilemma—escape.

Julia packs her bags and moves 2,000 miles away to a small town in New Mexico where she attempts to grapple with her past and rebuild her life.

Bust just as things are looking up, Julia is called back to New York and heartbreaking tragedy.

Gaylord’s stories whisk readers out of their reality and plunge them fully into the ones she creates. Best known for her numerous Allie Armington mysteries, Gaylord also has a series of novels to her credit and a charming recipe book, which round her out of a multi-genre writer. She has won many national book awards and garners praise from literary critics and readers alike.

“These are the novels to buy, read, love and give to dear friends. Louise Gaylord combines suspense, romance, exotic locales and heart-stopping excitement as well as any writer on the planet. You will adore her books,” says Michael Levin, New York Times best-selling author.


Louise Gaylord: Biography
Louise Gaylord is an acclaimed national award-winning author who established herself with her very first book, a suspenseful murder mystery centering on a young, sharp female assistant district attorney. This was the cornerstone of what has become her popular Allie Armington mystery series, the idea for it sparked when Louise herself spent three months on a grand jury panel.

The series has grown to four novels, with stories ranging from the Southwest (“Anacacho” and “Spa Deadly”) to New York (“Xs”), to the most recent (“Dark Lake”) featuring her beloved Adirondacks.

In the middle of establishing her mystery writer credentials, she expanded out of the genre with an insightful character study novel, “Julia Fairchild,” and then the delightful “Recipes from Camp Trillium.” The cookbook features worldwide recipes from Louise’s family and guests during years they visited her in New York’s Adirondack Mountains.

Her first Allie Armington Mystery, “Anacacho,” won the 2003 National Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Mystery/Suspense sponsored by Publisher’s Marketing Association in Los Angeles. The San Francisco Book Festival awarded Louise with best audio book in 2010 for “Spa Deadly.” “Recipes from Camp Trillium” won the Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards, in which “Julia Fairchild” and “Spa Deadly” were also finalists. And most recently, “Dark Lake” was recognized in the General Fiction category of the Los Angeles Book Festival.

Louise’s newest book, “Sutton Place,” will be published August 27, 2013, by Little Moose Press, Beverly Hills, California.

Louise lives in Houston, Texas, though she might be found writing almost anywhere in the world.

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Praise for Louise Gaylord’s Work

Dark Lake
“Mystery and intrigue wrapped up in a book that can be read in one thrilling day.” – Kritters Ramblings review

“I love reading a good mystery where I am left wondering ‘who dun it’ right up until the end and with ‘Dark Lake’ that’s exactly what I got.” – WV Stitcher

“The author skillfully teases us with glimpses and hints about who the real villain is...and trust me...there could have been a ton of potential bad guys. The ending is a burst of action and surprise.” – Reader review,

Spa Deadly

“Cielo Azul may sound like the perfect setting for a peaceful New Mexico getaway, yet in the hands of Louise Gaylord the luxury spa is anything but. Murder and mystery await unsuspecting vacationers on every page of this ingenious, irresistible story.” – Tom Blomquist, television writer/producer, “Hunter,” “Stingray,” “Christy,” “Walker, Texas Ranger”
“Do not be disarmed by Allie Armington. Like my old friend Lieutenant Columbo, she tends to know a great many things that she wishes she’d missed.” – William Link, co-creator of “Columbo” and “Murder, She Wrote,” past president of the Mystery Writers of America, recipient of Emmy, Golden Globe, Edgar and Marlowe awards

“What do you get when you wrap the thrills of a mystery writer like Agatha Christie up with the hip style of Janet Evanovich and toss in a little Nora Roberts romance? You get Louise Gaylord. While her style of writing is all her own, the minute I started reading ‘Xs’ I knew she had a combination of talents much like these other well-known authors. The spunk of her characters, Allie Armington and her sister Angela, create a never ending thrill throughout the book.” – Beverly Perchin, Reader Views
“As with ‘Anacacho,’ I had a hard time putting down the book.” – Reader review,
Praise for Louise Gaylord’s Work


“Ms. Gaylord makes her characters real by showing their flaws as well as their finer traits, and doing it in a smooth but captivating flow.” – Sheryl Nutt, River City Forum host, KCTU TV 55

“This book is a great mystery story, from beginning to end. Louise Gaylord is very successful at keeping you guessing who is the bad guy, but when you think you got it all figured out, comes another twist to the story, and keeps you interested and anxious to finish reading the book to see what the outcome is.” – Reader review,

“An excellent mystery!” – Reader review,

Julia Fairchild

“Louise Gaylord once again delivers a top-notch page turner with vivid characters, tight plotlines and a protagonist everyone can relate to. ‘Julia Fairchild’ is by far one of Gaylord’s best books.” – USA Book News
“‘Julia Fairchild’ by Louise Gaylord is one of those books that you won’t put down until you read every word on every page. Ms. Gaylord has woven a tale of betrayal, murder and passion. The characters have depth. Reading this book is like looking in a window and watching the lives of the characters unfold before you” – Reader review,

Recipes from Camp Trillium
“‘Recipes from Camp Trillium’ is a collection of very fine recipes that have been assembled as favorites from those using the family retreat. All of them are winners.” – Reader review,


Q&A with “Sutton Place” author Louise Gaylord

What will fans of “Julia Fairchild” like about your newest book, “Sutton Place?”
“Sutton Place” is the prequel to “Julia Fairchild”. The reader learns in detail about the incidents that drove Julia from New York to New Mexico.

Three months serving on a grand jury panel inspired your Allie Armington mystery series. How did you come up with Julia’s character?
Julia just “grew like Topsy” in my mind. She’s a composite of all the strong women I have known.

Lies, family secrets, obsessions – will Julia ever catch a break?
She catches her break in “Julia Fairchild”.

Your mystery novels are known for having very unexpected twists and surprise endings. How do you keep readers on their toes?
I don’t outline so sometimes I even surprise myself! I really write to amuse myself. One of my writing instructors said I should have fun when writing. I have a friend who writes a chapter here and then a chapter there. I can’t do that. I have to write in a linear fashion.

As a successful, award-winning mystery writer, you stepped out of the genre to work on a few other books, including Recipes from Camp Trillium. What’s your favorite dish to stir up in the kitchen?
Grandma Betsy’s Chicken. My mother put Lawry’s seasoning and Worchester sauce on everything. This made a nice, simple one-dish meal to serve all. To make it, you just need chicken, Worcestershire sauce and Lawry’s® Seasoned Salt. Then add any vegetable of your choice. Cut up potatoes, mushrooms, onions or red bell peppers, carrots, almost anything except greens. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. Quarter the chicken or cut it into single-serving pieces. Place the chicken skin side up in an aluminum foil-lined pan. Throw the vegetables all around it. Douse it with Worcestershire sauce and sprinkle with seasoned salt. Bake that for 25 to 40 minutes, or until the juices run clear.

You studied art history in college after your grade-school teachers encouraged you to do something with your painting skills. How has painting helped you write?
I’m a very visual person. So I can imagine a scene as if I’m painting it and portray that in words on page. A lot of people who write also paint. I noticed though that I never had a problem dropping the paintbrush to go play tennis or golf. But once I started writing I couldn’t leave my computer.

You’re churning out books left and right. What are you working on now?
An Allie Armington Mystery. The working title is: “A Cruise to Die For.” Stay tuned!

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