Monday, 4 November 2013

Review: Awaken by Meg Cabot

Title: Awaken
Author: Meg Cabot
Author Info: Website|Diary|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Abandon #3
Source: Publisher
Publication Date: 26th September 2013

Tell Me About It
Seventeen-year-old Pierce Oliviera knew that by accepting the undying love of John Hayden she’d be forced to live forever in the one place she’s always dreaded most: the Underworld. The sacrifice seemed worth it, but now her happiness and safety in the realm are threatened. The Furies have discovered that John has broken one of their strictest rules and revived a dead soul. If the balance of life and death isn’t restored, both the Underworld and Pierce’s home on Earth will be wiped out by the Furies’ wrath. Pierce has already cheated death once . . . can she do it again?
My Thoughts
When I first read Abandon I was hooked, and when the next instalment was released I had to purchase it, although I have literally only just read it. When I got the chance to review Awaken I did not hesitate and quickly requested a copy to read.

When I picked up Awaken it was a sad moment, knowing this is the final book makes it harder for me to read at my usual pace, I want to take my time and make it last that little bit longer. But the moment I began read that all went out the window as I was quickly drawn back into the world or Pierce and John.

Pierce and John are facing more struggles in Awaken they they have faced in the previous instalments, and while I wont go into too much detail about what they face exactly, just know that Awaken kept me far more engrossed than the previous book did. The Furies are taking no prisoners and are intent on doing anything to get rid of John and Pierce which definitely makes Awaken suspenseful, not knowing who will be taken over by the Furies next.

I enjoyed getting to see characters that we know and love have such a huge roll in Awaken, and the new faces we met in Underworld also play a roll along side the old characters. When I was reading Awaken not once did I guess what would happen, and when I got to a big part of the story I was shocked and literally left speechless as to what would happen now, but seeing how a character is strong and has belief that they will fix it somehow made this event so worth while, they needed to see the real person and understand they they CAN do this.

Awaken may be the end of the series, but it definitely goes out with a bang.

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