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Review: The Shadowhunter's Codex by Cassandra Clare & Joshua Lewis

Title: The Shadowhunter's Codex
Author: Cassandra Clare & Joshua Lewis
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter|Facebook
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Publisher
Publication Date: 31st October 2013

Tell Me About It
The Clave is pleased to announce the newest edition of the Nephilim’s oldest and most famous training manual: the Shadowhunter’s Codex. Since the thirteenth century, the Codex has been the young Shadowhunter’s best friend. When you’re being swarmed by demons it can be easy to forget the finer points of obscure demon languages or the fastest way to stop an attack of Raum demons. With the Codex by your side, you never have to worry.

Now in its twenty-seventh edition, the Codex covers it all: the history and the laws of our world; how to identify, interact with, and if necessary, kill that world’s many colorful denizens; which end of the stele is the end you write with. No more will your attempt to fight off rogue vampires and warlocks be slowed by the need to answer endless questions from your new recruits: What is a Pyxis? Why don’t we use guns? If I can’t see a warlock’s mark, is there a polite way to ask him where it is? Where do we get all our holy water? Geography, History, Magic, and Zoology textbook all rolled into one, the Codex is here to help new Shadowhunters navigate the beautiful, often brutal world that we inhabit.

Do not let it be said that the Clave is outdated or, as the younger Shadowhunters say, “uncool”: this new edition of the Codex will be available not only in the usual magically-sealed demonskin binding, but also in a smart, modern edition using all of today’s most exciting printing techniques, including such new features as a sturdy clothbound cover, a protective dust jacket, and information about title, author, publisher, and so on conveniently available right on the cover. You’ll be pleased to know that it fits neatly into most satchels, and unlike previous editions, it rarely sets off alarm wards.

The old woodcuts and engravings have been replaced as well: instead, you’ll find lavish modern illustrations by some of the brightest luminaries of the fantastic. Creatures, weapons, people, and places have been carefully and accurately rendered by the likes of Rebecca Guay, Charles Vess, Jim Nelson, Theo Black, Elisabeth Alba, and Cassandra Jean. Chapters are beautifully introduced by the drawings of Michael Kaluta, and along with our condensation of the classic 2,450-page tome, A History of the Nephilim, you will find a selection of the best of the lovely illustrations of that volume by John Dollar.

My Thoughts
The Shadowhunter's Codex isn't really new information, and any fans of the series will know the basic information from the series, but The Shadowhunter's Codex goes into more detail about everything about the Shadowhunter's world.

The graphic of the book in this post does not do it justice, the detail gone into the cover and the spine make it look like an actual copy of the codex, like it is an old book. When you open the pages you are not only greeted with more information, but also pictures about the items or creatures mentioned.
It also has annotations from Clary, Simon, and Jace sporadically written in the margins, at the end of paragraphs, or in sections meant for the Shadowhunter to answer questions, which end up being this trio writing and answering each others points or questions, with some hilarious one liners.
'Simon you don't have to make pretend fangs with your fingers. You have actual fangs.'
'........for you and your companions will be Hunters of the Shadows.' LIKE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE™
Magnus also gets his own section regarding possible reasons why people become Shadowhunter's, which also made for a very entertaining list.
16. Large bearded man on flying motorcycle appeared to take you away to a Shadowhunter school. (Note: Presence of flying motorcycle suggests bearded man may be a vampire.)
The Shadowhunter's Codex is full of more information and detail into how a Shadowhunter lives, weaponry they use, and more information about every creature they battle, and while I thought I knew a lot about the world Cassandra has made, I definitely learnt something new reading this book. The Shadowhunter's Codex is a great addition to any fan of this world and will sit proudly with the rest of the series on my shelves.

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