Thursday, 6 February 2014

Review: Swipe by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs

Title: Swipe
Author: Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs
Genre: Science Fiction
Series: Virals #3.5
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication Date: 16th December 2013

Tell Me About It
Tory Brennan and her great aunt Tempe join forces to investigate a crime at Comic-Con in this exclusive direct-to-digital short story from Kathy Reichs, author of Bones of the Lost and Virals.

A valuable Terminator replica disappears from the nerd nirvana of Comic-Con. Tory Brennan and her great aunt Tempe are on the scene, and join forces to investigate. Surely the Terminator can't have just vanished into thin air?

When a ransom note appears, threatening the destruction of the model, Comic-Con staff start to accuse each other. The clues are soon mounting up - but can Tempe and the Virals find the thief before it's too late?

My Thoughts
From the minute I first read Virals I was hooked on this series, so when I saw Swipe on netgalley I had to request it, and I waited, and waited, and waited some more, and finally got accepted last week.

The Virals are attending a Comic-Con thanks to Tory's aunt, Tempe. While there they are involved in a replica of Terminator being stolen. Tempe and the Virals are soon on the job, with Tory taking a bigger lead than the Virals at first. I loved the opening of the book, the chaos and madness of the Comic-Con, and actually laughed at the costumes some of the guy wore.

Swipe was a quick read but doesn't lack for anything and definitly keeps you wanting more. I liked seeing the Virals putting the clues together to try to solve the mystery, and while it takes them a while they do eventually flare and use their powers to aid them. I really wanted them to flare sooner than they did, but only because I like how advanced they become and the detail that goes into what they see and hear.

The characters in Swipe are just as I remember them to be, funny, serious, loveable, and a great team. I love the chemistry they have with each other, and also the bubbling chemistry between Tory and Ben that I really want to see something happen between them. I'm glad I have Exposure waiting to be read as finishing Swipe has made me realise how much I love this series.

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