Thursday, 27 February 2014

To Be Read Tin

I have noticed a few blogs doing a TBR Mug, while I would love to do this with my own TBR pile there are far too many to list and then put into a pile, my goodreads says I have 485 but I know I have books on my iPad not been marked off yet, and that would take a few hours alone to sort that out.

Anyway, back to the reson for this post. I have attended a few blogger events since I began blogging, and while I try hard to get to the books I receive my requested review pile takes priority. Looking at my shelves I feel guilty knowing I have books off the publishers, either from events or sent unsolicited, waiting to be read and lately I just don't seem to be getting round to them, so I have decided to make a publisher TBR mug......or more like a tin.

I have 53 book on this shelf waiting to be read, so each. Onto as part of my reading queue, I am going to select anywhere from 2-5, depending on my own review pile, to The Reading Queue. Having books on The Reading Queue gives me a public physical goal to aim for, and I try really hard each month to complete my Reading Queue, so I'm hoping this incentive will help me get through these books quickly.

The picture to the left is the beginning of the TBR Tin, I wanted to have nicer paper but since all I could find in short notice is a notepad, I decided to use that. I also wanted a nice sparkly green pen to write the book titles, but the pen is a load of rubbish and I ended up switching it for a shiny purple one instead.

Do you see how rubbish the pen is now, it could hardly write one book title. Whilst I was writing down all the titles my cat thought I was playing a game, I now have a lot of scratches on my hand were he would jump and attack my hand in between attacking the pieces of paper.

This is my TBR tin, I know it's not exactly Christmas, but this is once again all I could find on short notice that would actually contain the scraps of paper, but would also stop my cat from trying to get to them too.

To see what books get selected from this tin make sure to check out my Reading Queue post each month.


  1. What a brilliant idea! I don't know that if fit my TBR pile in a shelf (or a tin LOL) but I could pick out a selection to go in there :-)

    Someone suggested using a random number generator to pick books off of my goodreads TBR shelf too which I thought might be fun. It should get me looking at some of those older titles anyway :-)

  2. I made a TBR jar as well! Except I put in there ALL my review books LOL and then random fun ones I wanted to really read. I hope this idea works out for you. I know I haven't really stuck with it personally.

  3. This is a great idea! I've thought many times about starting a jar, but I'm too much of a mood reader to follow through with it.


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