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Review: Dead and Buried by Anne Cassidy

Title: Dead and Buried
Author: Anne Cassidy
Genre: Young Adult
Series: The Murder Notebooks #4
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's
Publication Date: 6th March 2014

Tell Me About It
It's been five years since Rose's mother Kathy went missing and, after recent events, all Rose wants to do is get on with her life. Which means taking a break from her complicated stepbrother, Joshua.

Then police officer Henry Thompson comes calling with bad news: a body has been found buried in the garden of Rose's old house. A body that has lain undiscovered for five years. The body of a missing teenage girl.

With Kathy and Brendan implicated in her death, Rose and Joshua have one last chance to clear their parents' names. But if they fail, the consequences will be deadly . . .
My Thoughts
I have enjoyed reading this series from the very first book, and I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dead and Buried, wanting to know if we get our questions answered, if Rose and Joshua find their parents, and if they finally get closure. My review for Dead and Buried will possibly be vague as I try to avoid spoilers from the series and from this book itself.
Dead and Buried picks up a short while after Butterfly Grave, with both Rose and Joshua still struggling with what transpired, and also Rose's decision to get some space away from the entire investigation that seems to have gone off track. Rose and Joshua are not on very good speaking terms, while he is off investigating a few villages, Rose is back at school trying to continue with her life. Suddenly all of their questions and belief in their parents are shattered when a body is discovered in their old house, and an investigation is quickly started, bringing in Rose and Joshua to try to jog their memories about events in the past. Dead and Buried follows Rose and Josh as they come to terms with this new revelation and as they try to make sense of it all and once again pick up their investigation in the hopes they find the answers they are looking for.

While I enjoyed Dead and Buried I don't think it was filled with as much suspense as previous books, but you can definitly see how everything they have gone through is starting to affect the dynamics between this duo. Old faces from the past make appearances wanting answers themselves, which means Rose and Joshua both experience the wrath of revenge from these old faces. Added with that the pressure, and I think stalking, of a police officer in charge of the investigation this duo have their hands full. When you factor in that they already know a lot of information that could be dangerous for all involved if the police find out what is going on, it's not easy for Rose and Joshua to keep their motives a secret.

Dead and Buried gives us a lot of answers to the questions that were left unanswered throughout the series, and a few more were asked near the beginning of the book, but thankfully were also answered. When the body was discovered there was some incriminating evidence left on it, and even I had doubts over what really happened, luckily for me we get this answered for us near the end of the book so I wasn't left hanging over what really happened.
Dead and Buried is the final instalment in this series and I think it ends perfectly, everything is all wrapped up nicely with all questions answered and explanations given for why things happened.
About Anne
Anne Cassidy writes crime fiction for teenagers. She has written over thirty novels.

Her latest publications are THE MURDER NOTEBOOKS, Bloomsbury.

In Feb 2014 the sequel to LOOKING FOR JJ will be published by Hot Key Books. It is called FINDING JENNIFER JONES.

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  1. Sounds like a good series, wonder how I hadn't come across these books before! Lovely review, Michelle.


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