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Review: Exposure by Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs

Title: Exposure
Author: Kathy Reichs & Brendan Reichs
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Virals #4
Source: Netgalley
Publisher: Cornerstone
Publication Date: 13th March 2014

Tell Me About It
Tory Brennan - great niece of Dr Temperance Brennan - and the Virals return for their most terrifying adventure yet.

Morris Island has barely had a chance to return to normality after the high profile trial of the Gamemaster, when two local students seem to vanish into thin air.

Tory Brennan and the Virals pack move quickly in their attempts to discover what has happened to their twin classmates. But the pack's canine powers are growing wilder, and it is becoming ever harder to conceal the secret which protects them.

When Tory and her friends find evidence of blood in the students' basement, they realise that the disappearance is no game.

But in order to save the twins, the Virals must risk the exposure of their powers, and in doing so put even their own lives in terrible danger.
My Thoughts
The minute I picked up the very first book in this series, Virals, I was hooked, and I knew that I would HAVE to keep reading these books and find out what happens. When I found out about Exposure you have no idea how excited I was, and the wait and countdown to publication has been long and torturous. When it came up on netgalley I had my request in faster than you can blink, and then I waited....and waited.....and waited some more before I was finally accepted.
Exposure picks up after the events of Code, Tory is in court dealing with the Gamesmaster, Hi and Shelton are supportive, but not on trial, Ben however is a different matter, and Tory is still not on speaking terms with him, or even being in the same room terms. Ben has also had to move schools after being expelled after his part in the games, and he now lives with his Mum most of the time, away from the island.
Tory is also faced with having Whitney become a permanent fixture in her house while Whitney's house is being fixed after the storm. Whitney's presence means Tory is moved out of her own, bigger room, into the smaller one as the bigger room is 'better fitted for two people'. She is also having to consider joining The Magnolia League to keep Whitney happy.

Throughout Exposure we are given chapters from Chance's point of view, and he is definitly up to something. As we see more from him it's easy to connect the dots, but his final revelation was not something I expected, and I am really looking forward to seeing what comes about from this.

Exposure brings us more sleuthing from the Virals, more mystery, and even more secrets. But it also comes with its problems. The Virals are having major issues with their abilities, and their flaring seems to be getting out of control, flaring without consciously knowing it's being done, or just getting far too dangerous and putting their lives at risk. Ben is pushing it to the limits and boundaries of their power, choosing very risky moments to flare, giving them all a better chance of getting caught.

Reading Exposure I was torn, as it's from netgalley it's obviously an e-book, so I have to read it on my iPad. However my iPad doesn't leave the house, so I couldn't read Exposure any time I was away from home, which seriously cut down on my reading time. I just wanted to pick Exposure up and carry it everywhere I went.
Exposure has to be my favourite out of the series so far and I am already eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

About Kathy
Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale for the province of Quebec. She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. A professor of anthropology at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr. Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph.D. at Northwestern. She now divides her time between Charlotte and Montreal and is a frequent expert witness in criminal trials.

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