Tuesday, 8 April 2014

MEGA Box of Awesome

Today I would like to bring you a change of style for my reviews. As you know I generally review books, audiobooks, and post booksih related news. A few weeks ago I was contacted to see if I was interested in reviewing a MEGA Box of Awesome, but before I show you what I got in by MEGA Box of Awesome, I am going to tell you more about it.

What's it About?
Box of Awesome was created by the same people behind the massively popular Box of OMG. We’re a team of specialists from the kids entertainment industry who curate the very best of established and new brands into amazing (and age-appropriate) boxes delivered on a bi-monthly schedule. Our goal is to delight kids (and sometimes their parents) everywhere and create a new channel for brands to interact with their consumers.
Each new Box of Awesome is released every couple of months, and every box is loaded with awesome items from brands you LOVE and some brands you may not even have heard of, but we KNOW you'll love! So what can you expect in the next Box of Awesome...? We can't tell - it would ruin the surprise!! BUT here are some examples of the awesome items in previous boxes!
GUARANTEED: Team BOA is on a mission to drop an AWESOME book into EVERY Box of Awesome!! Previous books include Russian Roulette and Bear Grylls: Mission Survival!
EXCLUSIVE: Previous boxes included OiDroids: collectible, tradeable mini-robots which were launched EXCLUSIVELY via Box of Awesome! PLUS #SuperAwesome Halo series 7 mini figs - which were available in BOA before they even hit the shelves!!
RARE: SIGNED and limited edition Match Attax cards and books signed by the author! Yep, SIGNED - you heard it right! Team BOA has a LOT of fun getting these!
COLLECTIBLE: Team BOA brings you the newest, most #TotallyAwesome collectibles around - mini figures, trading cards, stickers... only the most AWESOME collectibles make it into the box!
DELICIOUS: Our friends at the Jelly Bean Factory went down a storm in previous boxes. Look out for some AWESOME Haribo sweet treats in BOA#7!

This is my MEGA Box of Awesome. The packaging is unassuming, but study, and took a while for me to actually get into it. I had no idea what was going to be in my box and I could not wait to open it and find out what surprises were waiting for me to explore.

When I opened it all the items were nestled safely upon tissue paper padding, and I took out each one individually and took a picture to show you what was inside. This is personally my favourite box out of them both, but sadly I thought my nephew would enjoy the items better than I would myself, but I had to open a few packages, and make a few things to 'better review' the box.

Death & Co. by D.j. McCune
1 x Micro Predasaurs DNA Fusion (Dinosaur and trading card)
1 x Packet of Haribo jellies (which I was tempted to keep to myself)
1 x Sticker 'Box of Awesome'
1 x pack Topps Skylanders Giants Stickers
1 x pack Topps Skylanders Swap Force Stickers
2 x Topps Skylanders Swap Force Collecter Cards
1 x Topps 2014 Premier League Stickers
2 x Plastercine Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles models (Michelangelo & Raphael)

As I mentioned above, I had to open a few things and make a few things. This turtle was originally intended for my Niece, but when I opened it with my Nephew we decided she was too young to be able to make it (she is 5) so I took it upon myself to make this one up, and left the other with my Nephew.
The instructions were easy to follow, however I have one grumble about this. Since I am such a perfectionist I could have done with more green plastercine, and half the amount of brown to better make the turtle body. His body was too skinny for the front and back shell, so I had to squash him thinner and spread the excess plastercine to make him wider around the sides. His head could have also been a bit bigger but there wasn't enough green plastercine to go around comfortably.

Now its time for the nitty gritty and I get to tell you what I think of this MEGA Box of Awesome. The name of the box is a very accurate name for this. It has a great selection of items for many different current trends. I know via my Nephew how popular most of these items are.
The book, Death & Co. fits in perfectly with the selection, and I have already read this book from that publisher so you can see how much I liked it here.
The plastercine turtle were a great touch for this box, and my boyfriend was very amused watching me put this one together, my cat even tried to help me along o_O.
The stickers and cards were great for a football enthusiast, or a Skylanders enthusiast (aka my Nephew)
My Nephew is 10, so when I took the MEGA Box of Awesome for him to look at I was happy to see him really dig into it, taking each item out like I had, and investigating what it all was. It took him no time at all to have the stickers and cards opened and spread across the floor.

The box is a great way to not only send awesome goodies, but a great way to spread the book love and encourage more young readers. They have already sent out books like MetaWars, Russian Roulette, and Bear Grylls: Mission Survival.
It's easy to get your own Box of Awesome, just follow the links below to view their website, and get the information there.

Find out more about the Box of Awesome

 Website - Blog - Twitter - Facebook - YouTube

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