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Review: Just Breathe by Tamara Mataya

Title: Just Breath
Author: Tamara Mataya
Author Info: Blog|Twitter
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Source: Publicist
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: 6th May 2014

Tell Me About It
Twenty-one-year-old Elle Granger’s boyfriend broke up with her like a coward. He moved to another city without so much as a kiss goodbye. Devastated and embarrassed, Elle told her friends the break-up was mutual and hid her heartache working long hours at the library. By night, she self medicated with pot. Weeks later, with her heart and lungs screaming for a break, Elle quits smoking and turns to her friends. But before she can let them in on Jason’s betrayal, her best friend moves to Spain, and her roommates start acting strangely.

Enter sexy library patron Dominic, who sweeps Elle off her feet and into his Maserati. He makes her feel oh so good, and puts effort into coming up with dates that don’t set off her Synaesthesia. Just when Elle starts feeling whole again, Jason returns, determined to reunite. Elle rejects his effusive apologies and reasons for leaving – until she catches Dominic in a devastating lie.

Will his betrayal push her back into her suddenly attentive ex’s arms? Can she trust Jason not to break her heart again? The wrong choice and Elle’s happy ending could go up in smoke. But when your only choices are the devils you know, all you can do is JUST BREATHE.
My Thoughts
When I got the email from the publicist with all the amazing books from Swoon Romance I wanted to grab them all, but seeing as I'm trying to reduce my review pile I was very good and only selected two, and Just Breathe was one of the books that really stood out to me.

When I began reading I instantly loved the protagonist, Elle, she works in a library (which is my dream job) but also that she has synaesthesia, and I think this is only the second book I have read that deals with this subject. While the beginning of Just Breathe shows us Elle in not the best way, dealing with her boyfriend up and leaving she turns to pot to help her cope, and while it does for a little bit, she soon gives it up to try to be a healthier person. Elle lives with two friends, who she didn't tell the whole story about her boyfriend, and while they are good and are there for her, they don't really understand her reasons for wanting to stop smoking.

Enter Dominic, someone who Elle bumps into in the library, and after some chasing she finally agrees to go on a date him. I love how he finds out more information about Elle and asks for ideas that would help, and when he finds out about her synaesthesia he still wants to go on a date. The lengths he goes to, to ensure Elle has a perfect date are romantic and thoughtful.

Just Breathe was an enjoyable book and I don't want to say too much about what happens. I do like the synaesthesia aspect and how it's a tactile and sound thing for Elle, and while I wouldn't want to have this myself, you have to give credit to Dominic and Elle's friends for learning how to live with this for Elle.
Near the end of the book there were moments that I was shocked over what transpired and wanted to slap someone across the face, I also wanted to shake some sense into Elle with how she deals with things. The ending was perfect for this book, and also relates back to something that happened earlier on, and I wish I could see what happens when Elle makes this discovery.

Overall Just Breathe was a quick but enjoyable read, that had me laughing, crying, and sighing over the romantic gestures. I think we all need a Dominic in our lives.

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  1. Thank you so much! I have the same condition as Elle, though not to her degree, and it can be a bit of a challenge! I'm glad you liked the book!


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