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Review: The Look by Sophia Bennett

Title: The Look
Author: Sophia Bennett
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Purchased by myself
Publisher: Chicken House Books
Publication Date: 1st March 2012

Tell Me About It
Ted doesn't think of herself as glamorous. But her gorgeous sister Ava is. So when it's Ted who spotted by a model agency, at the same time that Ava is diagnosed with cancer, things have clearly gone very wrong. Ted isn't interested in modelling but Ava wants her to give it a try. Just how far will Ted go to please her sister? And what sacrifices will she have to make?
My Thoughts
The Look has been a book that has been sitting on my shelf for a while. I always intended to pick it up, but other books got in the way. In an attempt to tackle my TBR Pile, and also read some books for authors attending YALC and forthefringe, I picked up The Look in a quiet weekend and made a start on it.
Within a few pages of The Look I was laughing, some of the things Ted (Edwina) comes out with had me in stitches.
"I think I'm supposed to 'take a sad song and make it better', but that's beyond my musical ability.
[Page 4]
When I began reading The Look I thought that it would be a difficult book for me to read, but I was glad to see that a lot of the focus was on Ted's modelling career, with some focus on Ava's battle with cancer, how she is coping, the effects of all the treatment, and how their family life is affected by this change.
One thing, along with Ted's humour, that I liked was how Ava uses cancer as an excuse to get Ted to do things and it is something I can relate to. My Dad this to me all the time, getting me to run up the shop for sugar for drinks even though I don't take it, running into the supermarket for him, and it brought up some happy memories of my Dad. This made the characters even more real to me, and I found it easy to relate to and empathise with them.

When Ted was on modelling jobs I did feel sorry for her. Modelling isn't something she was interested in, and with Ava's coaxing found herself signed up, she is lost and completely out of her comfort zone. I wanted to pick her up and take her back home to spend time with Ava. The last job she has was not an easy one, and having to deal with it, and have grief on the phone from a friend is not the ideal situation for her, but to stand up for herself takes guts and I am proud of Ted for eventually sticking with her guns.

The Look was a great mix of plot lines, we have the modelling with Ted, Ava fighting cancer, and her parents stuck with what to do next or how to make it better for Ava, some times I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. The Look was a quick read and a book I could not put down, I sat and did not move till I had finished the last page. If you have yet to read a book by Sophia then this is the one you need to read.

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  1. I read this book quite a while ago and really enjoyed it, I always enjoy books about modeling but this had real heart to it too, I really need to pick up You Don't Know Me by Sophia.


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