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Review: Subject to Change by Alessandra Thomas

Title: Subject to Change
Author: Alessandra Thomas
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: New Adult
Series: Picturing Perfect #2
Source: Purchased by me
Publication Date: 14th June 2013

Tell Me About It
Joey made her dad a deathbed promise that she would become a doctor, and dedicate herself to fighting the very cancer that took his life. There’s just one problem -three years into her pre-med classes, she's struggling to stay on top of the curve, let alone prove she's dazzling enough to earn a spot in an Ivy League medical school. In a Hail Mary move, she throws a basic Business 101 class into her semester schedule, banking on a perfect score to boost her GPA.

That is, until she’s paired for a final project with Hawk, the bartending, motorbike-riding, gorgeously bedheaded loser who falls asleep in class and communicates in one-word sentences.

Hawk does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, which sets Joey on edge – in every possible way. As they get to know each other, her urge to scream at him is curbed only by her fantasies of tearing his clothes off. Soon those fantasies become reality, and Joey realizes Hawk makes her feel more fully herself than any of the rich boys her mother and sorority sisters approve of.

But the promise to her father hangs over her head, and the harder Joey tries to succeed in her chosen career, the faster everything falls into a hopeless tailspin of bad grades, broken promises and guilt. It doesn't help to have Hawk sitting like a devil on her shoulder, insisting she should be free to live however she wants to live - like he does.

The only thing Joey knows is that her neatly organized life is crushing her - and Hawk's bad attitude might be the only thing that can save her.
My Thoughts
I read the first book in this series last week, and loved it. So I HAD to purchased book two and three, and found time to squeeze Subject to Change into my reading schedule.....early hours in the morning.....and finishing it at 4.30am. Having read Picture Perfect I already knew who Joey was, so I was looking forward to getting to know her a bit better.

When Joey is paired up with Hawk for a project you just knew the sparks were going to fly. Hawk is you typical bad boy, but he also has a lot on his plate to deal with. After the 'sleep over' I did want to slap his face a few times....then maybe some more for good measure. But once his story was explained and all the issues are out in the open I actually gained some respect for him.
Joey is just as I remember her. We get to see some of her spark in the previous book, but in Subject to Change we get a better in-depth look at her, and while she may look like she is OK on the outside, school is getting to her, and her shadowing of a doctor is not what she expected, leaving doubts in Her mind about it. She is stubborn to a fault, and has some very solid reasons for being so stubborn about her education, I admire her for sticking to her morals, but the last change she makes was one that took a lot of guts, and for that alone I had a lot of admiration for her.

Subject to Change was just as good as Picture Perfect, and if you need any proof I started reading this in the early hours, and stayed up till 4.30am to finish it, and I had no regrets about the late night at all...except maybe the lack of caffeine intake. Subject to Change kept me questioning what Hawk was really doing with Joey, wondering what was going on with this duo, and also if Joey would ever finally find her place in school. Just when I thought everything was figured out something was thrown into the mix and blew my ideas apart, and even up to the last chapters I was still wondering what was going to happen.

Alessandra has once again dragged me (willingly) into the world she has created, and while I didn't love Joey as much as Cat, I thoroughly enjoyed Subject to Change. I also really liked how we got to catch up with Cat and Nate occasionally and see how they are both doing. After finishing Subject to Change I wish I was still of work for another weeks holiday, so that I could stay up late reading the next book, but having to go into work with possibly 2 hours sleep isn't really the best idea. I need it to be the weekend now.

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