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Review: Elixir by Ted Galdi

Title: Elixir
Author: Ted Galdi
Author Info: Website|Facebook
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Author
Publication Date: 5th August 2014

Tell Me About It
Meet 14-year-old Sean Malone. He has an IQ above 200, a full-ride scholarship to one of the country’s top universities, and more than one million dollars from his winning streak on Jeopardy. However, Sean wishes he could just be normal.

But his life is anything but normal. The US government manipulates him, using him as a codebreaker in pursuit of a drug lord and killing innocent people along the way.

For reasons related to his personal security, Sean finds himself in Rome, building a new life under a new name, abandoning academics, and hiding his genius from everyone. When he’s 18 he falls in love. The thrills begin again when he learns that his girlfriend is critically ill and it’s up to him to use his intellect to find a cure, a battle pitting him against a multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company and the demons of his past.

Elixir is a story about identity, secrets, and above all, love.
My Thoughts
I had not heard of Elixir before, so when I was contacted to possibly read and review the book after some research I said yes. The synopsis is intriguing, and mysterious, and made me wonder what cure would Sean need to find and how would he find it.

I loved the first chapter of Elixir, it gives a great example of what Sean is really capable of, he is on mastermind and beating everyone by miles and making so much money. Some of the questions asked I had no idea about myself, and just seeing how young he is, and how much he is out of his depth made me immediately want to give him a hug to make things better.

Elixir consists of a lot of small chapters that not only make it easy to speed through this book, but also make it easier to follow what is going on. Each chapter gives you the pertinent information you need for what is going on at the time, but also makes it easy to follow Sean and his journey throughout the book. The pacing of the story is a perfect pace, but also adjust to what is going on at the time. When things are going well it is nice and relaxed, when there is trouble I felt like it picked up a bit to match the pace of what is going on, and when big jumps in time happen they are proceeded with 'four years later' or 'two weeks later' so you know where you are at that point in time.

The characters are likeable and I found it easy to fall into the world and gain an attachment to them, when Sean is fighting for survival, my heart was in my throat as time was running out for him. I like how he is loyal to what he believes in, and wants the right people to be involved, and not those just in it for money, he wants them involved for the reason they will help others, that it benefits others and not just their pockets.

The story itself drew me in quickly, and there was a moment that I was confused over who was who, but as this was part of the story it definitly worked on me ;). Elixir was a unique read that I read as fast as I could, and as often as I could. Ted has done a good job of making someone who could be typically out of reach to us, feel normal and down to earth. I for one would want Sean on my side for his resourcefulness alone.

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