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Review: Unbreakable by Elisa Dane

Title: Unbreakable
Author: Elisa Dane
Author Info: Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Diamond Girls #2
Source: Publicist
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: 10th June 2014
Purchase Links: Amazon USA|Amazon UK

Tell Me About It
Perception is everything to sixteen-year-old Olivia Brown. With her freakishly hot boyfriend, volunteer work at the local animal shelter, successful beauty channel on YouTube, and well-earned spot on X Factor Cheer's elite level five Diamond Girl team, Livvie's the girl every other girl wants to be. At least, that's the illusion she's aiming for.

But Livvie's seemingly perfect life is anything but. Lying about the bruises her boyfriend gives her, and cowering beneath his raging temper becomes a regular way of life until she unwittingly witnesses her drunken neighbor beating his step-son, the town bad boy, Reid Tate.

For Reid, vulnerability is the enemy. Opening up, and letting people in gives them the power to disappoint. Growing up with a co-dependent mother and an abusive alcoholic father, Reid has endured all the disappointment he can stomach.

But when his pretty, do-good neighbor witnesses his step-dad beat him to within an inch of his life, and not only call the cops, but keeps quiet at school about what she saw, Reid wonders if maybe, just maybe, he's found someone he can finally trust.
My Thoughts
When I read the first chapter in the back of the previous boo I knew that I had to read this book, when I got an early copy off the publicist I was surprised but excited and read as fast as humanly possible to finish by current reads so that I could open the pages of Unbreakable and make a start on it.

One thing that I liked when I began reading was how Unbreakable not only follows on from Ex-Factor, but also lets us keep with the familiar characters from the previous book and see how they are doing. Unbreakable was just as much of a page turner as Ex-Factor, and I found myself once again absorbed in the world Elisa has created, tuning page after page to find out what on earth would happen next.

As with all books, there are characters you love, and characters you loath, and the very select few that sit on the fence waiting for you to decide over their fate. With Unbreakable, Livvie was one of the characters whom I loved instantly, and I like how we get to see more of her as she features in her own story. JP was a character that initially sat on the fence. Some of his actions in the beginning towards Livvie were nice, but the way he occasionally spoke to her had be doubting him a bit. When his true colours were finally revealed I hated him with a passion, I wanted Livvie to open her eyes and take in the situation from an outside perspective and really see what was going on. Reid was someone who I quickly loathed. I disliked his attitude, and his general behaviour towards others, but when we really get to see him, see his thoughts, his feelings, and his reasoning, my heart did melt a bit and he was quickly moved to the other side of the fence.

I don't want to go into to much detail about what happens in the pages of Unbreakable, what I have mentioned above is really all you will get story wise from me. I will tell you though that after reading Ex-Factor I didn't think I would be as impressed with Unbreakable as I was, but I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the world just as much as I previously did, and although we have see the characters and the places before, seeing them from someone else's eyes they still felt new to me. The skills that the cheer team use impressed me even more than they did, and there is no way I could ever imagine doing what they do, I can just about manage a sort of cartwheel....if it doesn't have to be straight....and I don't have to go all the way from one side to the other.....okay, so maybe I can manage a full roll over ;)

Finishing Unbreakable was both a happy and sad ending, more sad for me as now I have to wait forever for the next instalment (please say there is a new instalment) and I am looking forward to seeing what else Elisa can bring to the table, and who will be next to feature in their own book (if there is going to be a new book).

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