Friday, 4 July 2014

Audiobook Review: Doomed by Tracey Deebs

Title: Doomed
Author: Tracy Deebs
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Narrator: Sarah Naughton
Running Time: 12 hours and 51 mins
Source: Purchased by myself

Tell Me About It
Pandora's just your average teen - glued to her cell phone and laptop, surfing Facebook and e-mailing with her friends - until the day her long-lost father sends her a link to a mysterious site featuring twelve photos of her as a child.
Unable to contain her curiosity, Pandora enters the site, where she is prompted to play her favorite virtual-reality game, Zero Day. This unleashes a global computer virus that plunges the whole world into panic: suddenly, there is no Internet. No cell phones. No utilities, traffic lights, hospitals, law enforcement. Pandora teams up with handsome stepbrothers Eli and Theo to enter the virtual world of Zero Day.
Simultaneously, she continues to follow the photographs from her childhood in an attempt to beat the game and track down her father - her one key to saving the world as we know it.
Part The Matrix, part retelling of the Pandora myth, Doomed has something for gaming fans, dystopian fans, and romance fans alike.
My Thoughts
I have had my eye on Doomed for a while, and when I found it on audible I knew I had to buy it with my credit that month. The minute I downloaded it to my iPod I began listening immediately. This review is going to b based off my memory as I did not make any review notes whilst listening.

Doomed was not what I expected at all. I knew the general idea of it was computer/gaming based, the added elements of the disasters and things the worm does were not expected, but made this story even more realistic. I love how Pandora has to rely on these two boys she wan't nothing to do with in order to survive, and they even surprised me with how helpful they were in different tasks. They are completely opposite in all aspects, even their personalities, but together with Pandora they make a great, if not one hundred percent all the time functional team.

There were times throughout Doomed that I thought something would happen to end this quest, and times were I laughed or cried at what had happened. Doomed is a perfect blend of all types of things, gaming, romance, friendship, disasters, and makes one fantastic book. I really like the gaming aspect and how it is interlinked with real life, how completing quests in the game leads to a clue in the real world for this trio to find and try to move to the next place.

The ending of Doomed was not what I expected, and whilst I did think it was fitting for some concerned I would have liked to have seen what happened next for Pandora, Eli, and Theo, I wanted a more final ending and not a fade to black.

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