Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bookish and Bloggish News

In case you missed it, Abbi Glines's Sea Breeze Series has had a cover makeover in the UK. Some amazing bloggers took part in the reveal for the first six books in the series, [Serendipity Reviews, Verma Loves Books, The Book Spine, Feeling FictionalA Dream of Books, and The Book Lovers]
Take a look at the new covers below compared to their old ones (old covers on top, new covers on the bottom).

While I did not particularly like the UK ones when they were first released I learnt to live with them. The new UK covers I am not too impressed with. I really don't like the cover for Because of Low.

What do you think about the new UK covers, love them or hate them?


  1. I much prefer the new covers, I would say I actually HATE the original ones. There;s just something about them that makes them really unappealing to me and while the new ones are more generic I think they are so much better.

  2. Im not really fond of all the kissing on the new ones. I do like that they look more summery and less 50 shades though!


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