Sunday, 27 July 2014

Giant Spectacular

I interrupt your regular scheduled posts with this one. Book haul wise has been a quiet week, so I am postponing it till next week, however yesterday I went to the City Centre to see the Giants

Giant Spectacular came to Liverpool two years ago, I foolishly decided not to go as it wasn't something I was interested in, once I saw the pictures and videos I wish I had gone. So when I found out they were coming back I knew I HAD to go and see them, even if it was for only one day.

Sun cream applied, lots of water, and cool clothing, I mad my way to Liverpool City Centre to see Grandmother, Mae, and Xolo. I met my sister, Niece, Nephew, their Dad and their other Nan in town, and after some wondering we finally made our way to where we thought all of the giants would travel. We only ended up seeing Mae and Xolo, and the Grandmother from the top of the road as she passed by.

It was a great experience and I am so glad I got to go and see them. Below are just a few of the photo's I took.

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