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She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

Title: She Is Not Invisible
Author: Marcus Sedgwick
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Indigo
Publication Date: 3rd July 2014

Tell Me About It
Laureth Peak's father has taught her to look for recurring events, patterns, and numbers--a skill at which she's remarkably talented. Her secret: She is blind. But when her father goes missing, Laureth and her 7-year-old brother Benjamin are thrust into a mystery that takes them to New York City where surviving will take all her skill at spotting the amazing, shocking, and sometimes dangerous connections in a world full of darkness.
She Is Not Invisible is an intricate puzzle of a novel that sheds a light on the delicate ties that bind people to each other.
My Thoughts
When I first saw She Is Not Invisible I had no idea that this was a book I had previously not paid attention to, the older cover did nothing for me, yet this one is truly breathtaking. Although I did know about Laureth's blindness, I like how the synopsis in the back of the book didn't really give anything away, and reading the first few pages you wouldn't know any different.

Laureth is strong willed, determined, and won't be told what she can't do, which is why she and her brother are making their way to America, to retrieve their fathers black book in the hopes they can find him. I like how Laureth has gone about explaining what they are doing to Benjamin himself, but also the vagueness of the real reasons he is there also adds to the revealing of her impairment.

Seeing things from her perspective made it easy to relate to Laureth and what she has to go through every single day, it also made me feel sorry for how she is treated and judged for her impairment. The way we only get to 'see' things from Laureth's perspective, and not really 'seeing' for ourselves, we are unable to see a lot of things that people shunned for. We get a new perspective, without judgement, without discrimination, and without a real idea of what or who people are.

The Benjamin Effect is something I have been witness to, although probably not in such a grand scale, and I really enjoyed reading how this has some catastrophic results, both in good and bad ways. The relationship, the bond, these siblings have, how Benjamin helps Laureth navigate so many things, but also how caring she is towards him was really something. They both needed each other, and relied on each other for so much, and although there were occasions that Benjamin did get on Laureth's nerves, I liked seeing how quick things were settled and sorted.

She Is Not Invisible was a book that pulled dragged me into the pages, and I did not come out till the very last word. I thoroughly enjoyed reading She Is Not Invisible, and I know I will go from this with a hunger for more of Marcus's work. If you have yet to read She Is Not Invisible then you need to fix it right now. Go pick up a copy and find a comfy space where you know you will be happy for a few hours.

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  1. Good review. This one is new to me but i'm intrigued about the plot. Sounds like an interesting read.


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