Thursday, 18 September 2014

Life of a Blogger: Languages You Speak

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What is it?
It’s a weekly feature. Each week I will choose a subject and talk about that subject in my life. The topics will be non-bookish so that you can get to know me on a more personal level! I definitely encourage you guys to participate, too. I want this to be meme style with a linky for you to add your posts to. I want to know more about you guys as well!

When is it?
Every Thursday. It doesn’t really matter when you post, though, as long as it’s not before 12 AM EST on a Thursday. If it’s more convenient to post on another day of the week, that’s perfectly fine! Just remember to come back and add your link to the linky :)

See the full list of topics HERE.
Last week’s topic: Fears

Todays topic is......

Languages I Speak

This is a quick pot for me.

English - This is my main language.

French - I can ask 'I would like can of coke please' which for some reason I remembered from my taster day before starting high school. I can also count to 9 in French.

Spanish - I did five years of Spanish in high school, and a lot of it I really can't remember. I can understand more than I can actually speak. I may be able to give directions, but I can definitely let you know where I live, what part of England I live in, my hair colour and eye colour. I can also ask for a cheese sandwich.

Sign Language - We learnt Makaton in work which I don't remember any of. I also did a very basic sign language course last year. I can ask your name, where do you live, how long does it take to get 'here'. I can also tell you these things back. I know most of the alphabet and can spell my name. I have forgot a lot of the other stuff we learnt.

What languages can you speak?

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  1. Sign Language is one of those I would like to learn. I didn't know you took a course last year, it's cool that you have learnt some of the basics! :)

    Here are the ones I know.


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