Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Favourite: Start of a Series

It's now the start of December and as 2014 slowly comes to an end I thought I would share with you my favourite start of a series. These are books that were published this year and ones that I rated 5 stars. Some also have the second book out but I have yet to read it (so it doesn't count). The books I pick will have snippets from my reviews to try to portray how much I LOVED each book.

Reckoning by Kerry Wilkinson

Kerry Wilkinson a new author to me but the book sounded amazing so I took a chance on it. I am so glad I did. Reckoning was an amazing read that I could not put down, and my review tells of this.

I was hooked plain and simple. I love that it is set in the UK, but not the UK that we know of, and I fell so hard and fast into this world that I found it hard to come up for air.

...I had tears in my eyes when she was leaving home, that was only the end of chapter 7.....

Reckoning was an unputdownable read, and I really wish I had the next book in my hands so I can see how this story plays out.

Better When He's Bad by Jay Crownover

I love Jay's Marked Men series so the minute I found out about Better When He's Bad I knew I had to read it...and Jay does not disappoint. Bax is definitely bad.....but oh so good too ;). Here are some snippets from my review

The synopsis for Better When He's Bad definitely piqued my interest and I couldn't wait to meet this new bad boy on the block...or book in this case

Better When He's Bad is full of secrets, mystery, lies, half truths, and backstabbing, and I loved every single page of it.

Jay Crownover has done it again. Not only has she pulled me into a new world she has created (although I will admit I was a very willing participant) she has once again given me a very hot, very sexy, very bad boy, book boyfriend to drool over.

Gypsy by Trisha Leigh

This is another new to me author, and a book I had heard nothing about. Once again this is another synopsis that had me very intrigued over what the book was about so of course I had to know more...and I'm glad I did. Here are some snippets from my review.

.......while we initially only see a quick glimpse of their life together and what their abilities are, I quickly became emotionally invested in them all.

Gypsy was better than I expected it would be. I went into reading Gypsy expecting it to be an X-Men style book........but there are so many things that make up the plot to Gypsy.

I also came away with the feeling that family means different things, and that even if you do have a family in the traditional way, you can still have others that are a family in a non-traditional way.

The ending makes sense if you look at in in a certain way, but taking that factor out, the ending does not make this even real. I NEED to know!!!!!!!!!!!

Storm by Brigid Kemmerer

Brigid was another new author for me, but I was happy to find out that this book was one my wish list, so at least I knew that the book held some interest to me. I began reading Storm with excitement, knowing that the promised 'hot brothers' awaited me, and I was not disappointed. Here are some snippets from my review.

The detail gone into how each element works and what it does really drew me in and once again I put my months of eating and reading simultaneously into practice and quickly found myself making my way through the pages of Storm.

When Hunter makes an appearance the total went from 'four hot brothers' to 'five hot men' and I think I will just take them all home, thank you very much.

 Storm was an unputdownable read and I devoured every single page. Never knowing what was going to happen and if the Guide would turn up or capture them had me on the edge of my seat.

I fell into this world head first and was reluctant to come back out once I had finished reading.

Urban Outlaws by Peter Jay Black

This was another new author for me, but one of the things that drew my attention was the cover and once I read the synopsis I knew it was a book for me. Here are some snippets from my review. engrossed in Urban outlaws I was......The train was super busy, it was full of all the Everton supporters going home from London........Possibly about 30 minutes into the journey the person sitting next to me apologised for the language......I smiled and said it was reality I didn't even hear a word they had been saying, never mind any profanities.

Urban Outlaws is possibly aimed at a younger age to what I usually read, but this did not affect my enjoyment of this book, or how addicting it was.

Now that you have seen a few of my favourite start of series books, I'm interested in knowing what yours are for this year. Leave a comment or even a link to the books themselves.

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