Friday, 5 December 2014

Review: Cold Shadows [Ellie Jordan #2] by J.L. Bryan

Title: Cold Shadows
Author: J. L. Bryan
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Paranormal
Series: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper #2
Source: Author
Publication Date: 28th November 2014

Tell Me About It
Footsteps in the attic. Toys that play by themselves. A dark presence in an upstairs room.

Paranormal investigator Ellie Jordan faces a difficult new case. Her new clients are a family haunted by multiple ghosts and a poltergeist that wrecks their home at night. Their seven-year-old son’s invisible friends may not be imaginary at all, but the restless spirits of dead children.

To clear her clients’ house of the dangerous entities, Ellie must unravel the mysterious deaths of another family who lived in the old mansion more than a hundred and sixty years ago—and she must do it before the ghosts can carry out their malevolent designs on her clients and their children.
My Thoughts
Cold Shadows is the second book in Ellie Jordan series, and it's taken a week or two for me to get around to reading it. Living in a haunted house has got to be creepy, right. How about living in a house with four of them a possible poltergeist? Well this situation is Ellie and Stacey's next investigation, and it's one that starts off quickly.

Cold Shadows was a quicker read than the previous book. I also notice a pattern with the houses....they are all fabulous massive houses, which are my dream house...except I don't think I want the hauntings. Once I began reading Cold Shadows and the hauntings really started they felt more intense and more life threatening, and there was some really creepy goings on, but I loved every page of it. Yes I was nervous, worried whether Ellie, Stacey, or even Jacob would survive the night, but it made Cold Shadows that much more gripping, and I really did not want to put it down.

I really liked that we get to see more of Jacob and that he once again is recruited to help solve a case. His skills are an asset that Ellie and Stacey really need, much to Ellie's annoyance. This trio really know how to pack a punch and their teamwork together certainly gets a job done.

Cold Shadows is a great installment in the Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper series, and the author has once again done an amazing job at drawing you in, and making you sit on the edge of your seat trying to guess what is going to happen next. I can't wait to read the next chapter for Ellie and Stacey.

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