Monday, 8 December 2014

Review: SeaBEAN [SeaBEAN #1] by Sarah Holding

Title: SeaBEAN
Author: Sarah Holding
Author Info: Website|Diary|Facebook|Twitter
Series: SeaBEAN Trilogy #1
Source: Midas PR
Publisher: Medina Publishing Limited
Publication Date: 25th September 2013

Tell Me About It
On her 11th birthday in 2018, Alice finds a mysterious black box on the beach. She discovers it's called a C-Bean and imagines it belongs to her. Together with her five schoolmates - the only children on the newly re-inhabited remote island of St Kilda - they soon realise it has extraordinary powers and can transport them anywhere in the world. Before long, Alice and her friends find themselves immersed in all sorts of thrilling adventures, from Central Park to the Amazonian rainforest to the backstreets of Hong Kong, as they uncover danger and subterfuge threatening the world's eco-systems. With a stray dog and a garrulous parrot they seem to have acquired along the way, they overcome their fears as the C-Bean helps them unravel the mysteries of time and tides, understand the interconnectedness of all things, and in the process succeed in safeguarding the future of their tiny Scottish island.
My Thoughts
When I was first approached to read this series I will admit to not really knowing anything about it. After some investigation I quickly replied accepting the first book in the series. SeaBEAN was a quick read only being about 130 pages long without the acknowledgments and notes at the back of the book. One thing that is great about this series is that each cover is heat sensitive, and with the help of a radiator I could change the covers to a clearer picture, however this also led to the book being passed around at dinner time for work colleagues to try it instead of me reading it.

SeaBEAN tells the story of the arrival of a mysterious box which allows the students of St Kilda to travel around the world, with visits to New York, a rainforest, China, and Australia, where they pick up stray animals and endangered birds. The invention of this box, a travelling classroom is a genius idea that allows interaction from the children, gives them facts, and I'm guessing the cover mimics what the box can do. During their travels, the students get to witness first hand the effects of gold mining and how it changes the earth, how toxic chemicals are used for this, and how harmful they are for the earth, for the animals, and also the plants in the vicinity.

SeaBEAN is an enjoyable read for younger children that deals with environmental issues and the impact that certain operations have on the earth in a simple yet understandable way for them to easily take it all on board.

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