Saturday, 31 January 2015

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions is a way for me to share books that I did not finish, but still give them a chance to get some recognition on my blog. The following books have a lot of reasons for me not finishing the book, either I could not get into the story, or I didn't like the characters, or even something as simple as I wasn't feeling the book at that moment in time.

Talon by Julie Kagawa
I LOVE Julie's books, I can't wait for each new one to find a place on my shelves but Talon was one I had to put down.
When I began reading it felt too similar to a book I read a few years ago, but I persevered, wanting to immerse myself in this new world. Unfortunately I just couldn't find a place in this world. The characters just didn't click with me and rather than reading, I found myself skimming, wanting to know when there would be some action, something interesting to grab my attention, something that I just never found.

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I Was Here by Gayle Forman
I went into this with high expectations, already knowing I love Gayle's work, but this one just didn't quite meet my expectations and I was left disappointed and bored. The characters felt flat and lifeless, and the protagonist just came across as selfish.

Perfect Couple by Jennifer Echols
What drew me to this book was the synopsis, but soon after I began reading I found it hard to get into the story. My initial reaction was good, but as the story progressed I found it hard to like the characters, their voices were immature, their actions were childish, and for someone who is so active for equality for all, the protagonist found t very easy to make out with someone who wasn't her boyfriend.

Inked by Eric Smith
I love the idea behind the tattos and this was possibly the only reason I continued to read tis one. I made it to 50% of the book, but I couldn't really form any attachment to the characters, the only thing that worked for me was the tattoos.

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
I found it really hard to get into this book. The characters bored me rather than drawing me in, and after a few days of trying to read this book I'm afraid I had to give it up.

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The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
The mysterious synopsis had me very intrigued, but I found it hard to get into the story. The lead up to the main part of the plot bored me and I didn't even get far enough to find out what happened.

Juvie by Steve Watkins
I found it hard to get into this book. I couldn't find and obvious reason why I didn't finish it, the story just isn't for me.

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