Monday, 16 February 2015

Review: Blackout [Urban Outlaws #2] by Peter Jay Black

Title: Blackout
Author: Peter Jay Black
Author Info: Website|Twitter
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Urban Outlaws #2
Source: Author via publisher
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's
Publication Date: 12th February 2015
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
Power is out. Security is down. Computers hacked. The world's most destructive computer virus is out of control and the pressure is on for the Urban Outlaws to destroy it. Jack knows that it's not just the world's secrets that could end up in the wrong hands. The secret location of their bunker is at the fingertips of many and the identities of the Urban Outlaws are up for grabs. But capturing the virus feels like an almost impossible mission until they meet Hector. The Urban Outlaws know they need his help, but they have made some dangerous enemies. They could take a risk and win - or lose everything ...
My Thoughts
I first read Urban Outlaws last year, and fell in love with the world that Peter Jay Black has created. I could not wait to get hold of the next book, so imagine my surprise and excitement when I got an early USA copy of Blackout, from the author himself via the publisher.

Blackout is the second installment in the Urban Outlaws series, and picks up where that left off. The super virus is still lose and causing blackouts throughout the city. The Outlaws themselves even suffering the consequences of it getting lose. They are using all of their technical know how to find it, and contain it, before it gets into the wrong hands.
In the process of finding the virus, the Outlaws break into a variety of places, and meet a fellow hacker. Hector is super skilled at hacking, and desperately wants to be part of the Urban Outlaws. But can he be trusted, and will his skills be used to help or hinder the Urban Outlaws.

Blackout is everything you expect from the author, and from the Urban Outlaws. There is more gadgets, more RAKing, and more breaking and entering. I fell back into this series easily, and it felt like I had never been away. The characters are just as I remember them, and while I do still love Slink, I have to say that Wren is used a lot more in this book, to get into the smaller spaces, or being used as an unsuspecting target due to her smallness. I love how they all use their skills to make this team, this partnership, this family work, and when it comes down to it, they have each others back, even at the risk of being caught themselves.
Obi, who mainly stays behind, benefits the most from this family. The Outlaws break into several of his parents old homes in order to find his Dad's Will, to prove that his Uncle has stolen money, businesses, and property that is rightfully his and his sisters. For the Outlaws to do this, to risk being caught and sent to jail shows how close this unit is, and I was happy that we got to see the outcome of all of this hunting. Blackout was just as enjoyable and gripping as the previous book, and the ending has me wanting to know more.

Final Verdict
Blackout is another great addition to this series, and packs so much into the pages. The ending leaves a lot up in the air and I need to know what happens in the next installment.

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