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Review: Blushing [The Brightside #2] by Katie Delahanty

Title: Blushing
Author: Katie Delahanty
Author Info: Website|News|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: New Adult
Series: The Brightside #2
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Entangled Embrace
Publication Date: 23rd February 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
My name is Olivia Bloom and I. Am. Engaged.

When Berkeley proposed I thought we’d live happily ever after—we’d plan our wedding and he’d tour with the Brightside while I continued designing lingerie. But instead he dropped a bombshell that turned my life upside down: he’s set to star in a movie with, who else, his gorgeous ex, Christina Carlton. And what’s more? I’ve been erased from the public eye. All anyone can talk about is #Berkstina.

Berkeley wants me to work on set as a costume designer—a dream come true—but there’s a catch; we have to keep our relationship secret. I’m okay with not being photographed, but the sneaking around, the lies, the love scenes; it’s not how I imagined our engagement. I know Berkeley is passionate and driven, but he has so much going on—I don’t know if we can take it. I’m starting to wonder how well I know him.

I love him, but am I ready to drop everything and decide the rest of my life? To become Olivia Dalton?
My Thoughts
When I saw Blushing on netgalley I immediately put my request in and waited to be approved, but once I picked it up I was worried that I would not remember things from the previous book as it's been a long time, and lots of books since I last read In Bloom. I needn't have worried, I fell back into this world hard and fast, and within a few pages remembered how much I love Liv's quirky, psychic mum, Liv's friends, and Liv herself.
"I'll do my best not to trip," I reply, imagining my feet getting tangled in my dress and the inevitable face-plant.
"I'll catch you if you do." He smiles. "I promise. I'll always be there."
This is the love that we see between Liv and Berkeley, it makes you smile, it makes your heart melt, but as the story progresses we don't always see this as this duo lose focus on what they really mean to each other.

Blushing takes Liv away from the safety of her home and her friends, and thrusts her into the movie industry as an assistant costume designer for Berkeley's new movie, of course he helped get her there, and told an enormous lie in order to maintain the gag order placed on everyone in the know about himself and Liv's relationship status.. But what she thought was going to be fun and a great way to spend more time with Berkeley, soon turns out wrong and she finds herself having to deal with the adoring fans in the form of fellow assistants, and Christina's pseudo friendship. The time she thought she would get to spend with Berkeley becomes less and less, putting a strain on their relationship and making Liv doubt his feelings for her, but also her ability to deal with the fame and fortune that comes with him.

Reading Blushing I felt so sorry for Liv, she is lost and out of her depth, and even though Blair is there, Liv is still alone and friendless while Blair lets her working partnership with Christina get in the way. The feelings of loss and loneliness come across easily in the pages, and it made it so easy to want to pick Liv up and hug her, and push everyone else away for acting the way they do. Everyone is getting sucked into the fickleness of the movie industry, and poor Liv is having to deal with the fallout of it all, being left out or pushed away as the movie making continues.

Blushing also gives us the chance to really see into Berkeley's life as a pop star and as an actor. We see the lengths he has to go through to be normal, disguising himself, having bodyguards around all the time, and even being careful with who he is seen with. We also see how much this business can really affect a relationship and the strain and tension is portrayed through the eyes of Liv, and the actions of those around her, including Berkeley.

Blushing was just as good as In Bloom, and not only did the ending surprise Liv, it also surprised me. At this moment of posting the review there don't seem to be any plans for a new book, but I would love to see what happens next for this duo, especially after Liv's offer and actions in Blushing.

I also want to mention quickly how much I love the covers for these books and how they represent both Liv and Berkeley's lives. The top being Liv and her job as lingerie designer, the bottom for Berkeley, for his fame in the band and as an actor.

Final Verdict
Another great book for this series, with a well deserved ending.....I just need to know if a next book is in the works?

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