Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Review: More Than Comics [Chasing the Dream #2] by Elizabeth Briggs

Title: More than Comics
Author: Elizabeth Briggs
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: New Adult
Series: Chasing the Dream #2
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Elizabeth Briggs Books
Publication Date: 23rd February 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
They're friends online - but can they be more in real life?

Writer Tara McFadden has been friends with artist and drummer Hector Fernandez for years, long before his band became famous on reality TV – yet they’ve never met in person. They finally have a chance to connect offline when they’re both sent to Comic-Con to promote the graphic novel they collaborated on.

Hector's secretly been in love with Tara for as long as he can remember, and once they meet, she sees him in a new light. All the years of longing lead to an incredible night of passion after one of his concerts, but neither is sure if their online relationship can translate into a real life romance – or if this will ruin their friendship forever.

Over four crazy days at Comic-Con, Hector and Tara must decide if they want a future together. But when their story seems to be over, it’s up to Hector’s entire band to make sure he and Tara get their happy ending.
My Thoughts
When I saw More Than Comics on NetGalley I had to request it, I have loved the books in this series so far and I could not wait to jump back into this world again.

More Than Comics is Tara and Hector's story, after years of writing together to make a graphic novel, the Misfit Squad, they finally get a chance to meet each other in person, at San Diego Comic-Con, and the book opens with Tara making her way through the crowd to find her comic's publisher, and to meet Hector. Hector also has his own claim to fame, being the drummer of Villain Complex he has no trouble attracting the opposite sex, but he has his eyes firmly set on one person alone. When they finally meet in person to take part in a panel, the sparks fly between them and you are left wanting more from this duo.

Admittedly there were moments where I wanted to smack Hector around the head to get him to get his act together, and while I do think some of the things he did were to protect Tara, I wish he would have opened his eyes to what she really wanted. Tara doesn't have it easy in this book, the trip to Comic-Con is a detour on her move to New York, where she has been offered a job that she has been working towards for years. But whilst at Comic-Con she is approached by Giselle Roberts, wanting to recruit her for a writer job in Las Angeles. This is the job of a lifetime and Tara has some serious decision making to do for her future.

More Than Comics was an unputdownable read from start to finish, I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Hector, and also see his life outside of the band. The supermarket treasure hunt was hilarious and I laughed through every page of this hunt, as well as being grossed out by some of the very dodgy things they found.....and I even Googled some of the items, cappuccino potato chips, watermelon Oreos, who comes up with these flavours......although the cappuccino potato chips sound interesting to my coffee loving body. I had so much fun with the characters when they were together, from dressing up, to just relaxing, and when Tara and Hector get together make sure you have something handy to cool yourself down as things get hot and steamy fast.

Final Verdict
Loved every page of this book and the ending has me wanting more, and needing to have the next book in my hands now.

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