Thursday, 26 March 2015

Life of a Blogger: Dreams

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What is it?
It’s a weekly feature. Each week I will choose a subject and talk about that subject in my life. The topics will be non-bookish so that you can get to know me on a more personal level! I definitely encourage you guys to participate, too. I want this to be meme style with a linky for you to add your posts to. I want to know more about you guys as well!

When is it?
Every Thursday. It doesn’t really matter when you post, though, as long as it’s not before 12 AM EST on a Thursday. If it’s more convenient to post on another day of the week, that’s perfectly fine! Just remember to go back and add your link to the linky :)

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Todays topic is......

I really don't remember many of my dreams, and the ones I do actually remember are the crazy type of dreams that make no sense at all. I vividly remember two dreams, the first one I have had on several occasions, and I never get any further into it. The second one is new from a few weeks ago and I have no idea where it came from.

Cats and Dogs
This is the most frequent crazy dream I have. It always starts out in the same place from my old house. My sister has gone missing so myself and someone else decide to go and find her. The other person goes the long way around, with the intention of going under the train tunnel (that is still there), whilst I am to go down the road, and then cut through the estate and meet them by the tunnel (this estate has now gone, and so has the shortcut). I follow the plan and turn into the estate only to stop. In front of me are cats and dogs. Now I hear you saying there is nothing strange about cats and dogs, but here is where the crazy begins.
Said cats and dogs are dressed, wearing waistcoats and bowler hats, they are standing up like humans on their back legs, and are smoking cigars (told you it was crazy). They don't want to let me though the estate, instead they want to beat me up, and actually tell me this. Just before I get beaten up I always wake up, so I never end up finding my sister, but I also don't get beaten up.

Transformers, Dinosaurs, and Demons
This is a recent one from a few weeks ago. I can't remember the beginning, but all I know is that the transformers are hiding underground away from these dinosaur/demon hybrid creatures. There is a desert or some very deserted, dusty place involved and as I am travelling to a cooler part this dinosaur/demon hybrid stops me and wants to eat me because I won't tell it where the transformers are...and at this point I really didn't know. Just as it goes to attack a transformer jumps out from under the ground where it is hiding, and an epic fight happens right in front of me. The dinosaur/demon hybrid is killed and the transformer whisks me off to safety in some wooden hut in the middle of nowhere.

So....tell me about YOUR dreams?

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