Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Review: Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper [Jesper Jinx #3] by Marko Kitti

Title: Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper
Author: Marko Kitti
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Series: Jesper Jinx #3
Source: Author
Publication Date: 7th May 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Jesper Jinx is eleven, and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill. Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster. Hence his nickname 'Jinx'.

In the third book of his wickedly funny adventures, Jesper goes camping and develops a taste for Turkish Pepper. (WARNING: Turkish Pepper might not be what you think it is!) You'll also get to know Jesper's 99-year-old neighbour. Oh, and a fox called Frank. Finally, there's a huge concert coming to town starring local rapper Horrid Porridge.

Can Jesper rise to the occasion with another Boredom Breaker or will the Turkish Peppers get to him?
My Thoughts
I really love the Jesper Jinx series, each new book brings more adventures and disasters for Jesper, and I look forward to seeing what happens next for him....although he does seem to bring a lot of it on himself. When I received Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper for review I knew it would be a quick read, and I read it between review books. Like the previous books, Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper is split into small stories with hilarious images to go along with the story being told. MY review will be short but will hopefully give you an idea of what is within the pages of this latest installment by Marko Kitti.

Intro Sequence
These are super quick short chapters, and in this we see Jesper declaring his independence from cleaning day, this gets him out of cleaning his room as its his own 'style' but ends up getting pranked by his sister, and leaving him plotting revenge. The whole declaring his independence was an ingenious idea and I wish I had thought of this myself when I was younger.

Turkish Pepper
This is salty liqourice (salmiakki) that the author smuggled in from Finland and is unwilling to part with any when Jesper asks. It isn't until Jesper threatens to tell his parents that the author is stealing his stories, that the author relents and let's Jesper take his precious last bag of this Turkish Pepper.

Jesper Jinx Goes Camping
Jesper and Oliver are camping in Jesper's back garden, and what is meant to be a night of junk food and sleep, quickly ends with police helicopters and burglars.

Mystery of the Chocolate Chip Cookies
The mystery as to what happened to the Chocolate Chip Cookies left behind in the tent is revealed in this short chapter, and it definitely made me laugh.

Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper
This story tells us what the Turkish Pepper can really do. Melinda and Jesper compete to win VIP tickets to a concert. They have to learn the lyrics of a song and perform them for their parents who decide on the winner. To gain the advantage Jesper ends up eating some Turkish Pepper and has some disastrous results.

Final Verdict
Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper was another great installment to this series. While the books are short and quick for myself they are ideal for reluctant readers, or children with short attention spans.

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