Saturday, 21 March 2015

To Read or Not To Read

To Read or Not to Read, that is a good question. How do YOU decide what books you read or what books you won't read.
For me, I have a few different ways of making this tough choice, because we all know it's not as easy as we like to think it is to make the decision of what books you pick to read.

Author Love
For me, there are a few authors that are automatic buys for me, I'm not going to name them but it is quite easy to see who I really like from my purchases or the amount of copies I have of their books. No matter what the book is, whether it's part of a series or not, I WILL buy their book. As a general rule I have really enjoyed the authors books, but this has failed me on a few occasions where I have really not been too fussed on a new book of theirs, either standalone or part of a new series. But it hasn't put me off their writing at all.

Series Love
This is another easy one that never fails. If I already love the author then even better, but even new to me authors have really impressed me with their books, so much so that I make it a mission to complete the series, either as it is published, or picking them up slowly when I have spare money. Some series I have repeatedly purchased due to cover changes, or the books have been read so much and passed around that the pages are falling out (I don't lend them out anymore thankfully).

Social Media
Very rarely do I go by recommendations from social media, either twitter, facebook, bloggers etc (and yet I am pushing my reviews and thoughts onto you all). If I do go with any of the mentioned, its because the book has been talked about by a lot of people and I have seen it around enough to want to look into it myself, and find that I do actually like the sound of this one. The reasons why I don't usually go with this method is I tend to me one of the few odd ones out who either loved a book that many people didn't really rate, or I didn't really like a book that has been raved about so much. Even some of my read books that have been really popular I read before the hype (see next topic)

Friends have some sway over me in regards to reading books they recommend. I had a friend who recommended Twilight to me, way before the hype, so I was lucky enough to read this without the peer pressure of everyone else's thoughts. This also happened with The Mortal Instruments & House of Night. If I found these after all the hype then I really don't think I would have read and loved them as much as what I did. I do have books on my wishlist or on my TBR pile from recommendations, it's just a waiting game of seeing when I get to them and sharing my thoughts.

There are really only two people who I take recommendations from. My Nan who really got me into reading again, and my brother. It was my brother that persuaded me to read Harry Potter, I think I began reading it when the third book was published, and it took some convincing for me to read it, and I could not put them down. I even have some of his book on my shelves waiting to be read. We do have a similar taste in books, and I have often picked up a book I originally put down after he has told me to try it again, to find I really do like it.

My question for you today is, how do you decided what books to read?

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