Saturday, 25 April 2015

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions is a way for me to share books that I did not finish, but still give them a chance to get some recognition on my blog. The following books have a lot of reasons for me not finishing the book, either I could not get into the story, or I didn't like the characters, or even something as simple as I wasn't feeling the book at that moment in time.

Ferals: The Crow Talker by Jacob Grey
This book had so much potential, unfortunately I'm not really feeling this one.

Made For You by Melissa Marr
I really liked the sound of this book, but after several attempts I'm really not liking it at all.


One Thing Stolen by Beth Kephart
Really can't get into this one. :(

Never Forgotten by Kelly Risser
Not really feeling this one.

I'll Give You the sun by Jandy Nelson
This is the first book by Jandy Nelson I have read, and I went into this with an open mind. But after several chapters I am finding it hard to read the book. I don't know if its the writing style itself, the backwards and forwards of the chapters, or the way the characters speak, adding a lot of unnecessary descriptive words.

Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant
I really can't get into this one. With the following warning on the back 'contains scenes of cruelty and violence' I expected a lot, but I just can't find the energy to read this, it has no interest to me.


Have you read any of these books and liked them, leave a comment below with a link to your reviews so I can add them.

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