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Review: Choose Me [The Archer Brothers #2] by Heidi McLaughlin

Title: Choose Me
Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Romance
Series: The Archer Brothers #2
Source: Purchased by myself
Publication Date: 1st April 2015
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
Two brothers.
One woman.
One son.
One choice.

Lives ripped apart, shattered and rebuilt.

Evan and Nate Archer: Brothers, best friends, warriors and now enemies. Both in love with the same woman. Both determined to fight for what they want.

Nate Archer promised to protect Ryley Clarke in the event Evan didn’t make it back. It’s a promise between brothers since the early days of basic training. Nate never considered that his feelings, long buried since high school, would resurface and grow stronger.

Evan Archer wants answers. He wants someone to pay. After being gone for an unprecedented amount of time, nothing is making sense now that he’s home. Most of all, he can't understand how his brother ended up engaged to his fiancĂ©e. Evan is determined to uncover the mystery, and win back his family.

The Archers are about to fight dirty.
My Thoughts
Choose Me is one of the books published in 2015 that I have been desperate to get hold of. I had it pre-ordered the minute I could. I usually devour Heidi's books the minute they arrive on my kindle app, but with work and long hours it just wasn't possible with Choose Me. Each day that went by only tortured me more until I was finally able to sit and read this book.
Told in alternate points of view, Choose Me gives us Evan and Nate's point of view, we finally get to see both sides of the story, and watch as the pieces are slowly put back together to finally give us the answer to what the heck went down.

Choose Me was everything I expected from Heidi, and I am so glad that we did get most of the answers to some unanswered questions left over from the previous book, but some will hopefully get answered in the next book. I really liked how we aren't really told straight away who Ryley will choose, that it is constantly backwards and forwards until she makes her decision. While I didn't really like how she strung them both along, I can understand how tough her decision must have been, to choose between the father of your child, your true love, or choose the person who had been by your side for the past few years, to help you raise your child, and someone who you have grown to love. However, how she goes about removing their presence from her life I did like, giving her self space to breathe and think.

Reading Choose Me was a test of patience, I honestly wanted to knock some sense into Evan and Nate, Evan more so. They acted like an ass, and more than one occasion I really wanted to ask Evan what he thought what he was doing. I can see why he acts he way he does, he's been gone for years and comes home to find his life, his family has been turned upside down and inside out. But acting the way he does, trying to stake a claim on Ryley when she is trying to sort out this mess that she finds herself in is not cool. Nate wasn't much better, although he didn't really act like Evan does, he does however find it hard to come to terms with this new revelation.

As the Archer's learn to settle their differences, and finally come together as a team to figure out what the heck happened to Evan, and find out who is out to get them, their friends, and Ryley, we get to see the sibling relationship come back to the surface. There was a moment in the book that I really thought was the turning point for these siblings, the setting was perfect, and the words that were spoken were true and straight from the heart.
"For one week I laid vigil next to you because you didn't have a tombstone and I needed everyone who walked by to know that you were my brother, that you lost your life fighting for this country and that I had lost my best friend".
Choose Me was an unputdownable read, I laughed, I cried, and I was left speechless. The Archer Brothers is a series you have to read and I'm already counting down till I get the next book in my hands.

Final Verdict

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