Sunday, 3 May 2015

Chopstix Blog Tour: Guest Post by Wendy Wu

As part of the Chopstix blog tour I have a guest post from Wendy Wu herself. So take a seat, relax, and see what Wendy has to say.

By Wendy Wu (a.k.a Chopstix)

“It was October 6th and my first day at college. It was a bright sunny day and not raining for once. Perfect, I thought, as I had my hair especially done for the occasion and even treated myself to a new outfit. It was a pink dress, with a straight cut and formal fit. And my shoes? Yes, they were new too. Pink shoe boots to be precise, with an open toe. Why the new outfit? I don’t know. I guess I just felt that with it being a new college, new start, perhaps it was time for a new me. After all, I wasn’t the type of girl to draw attention towards myself. I was just plain simple Wendy, Wendy Wu, that’s me.”
I went from this simple happy go lucky girl to someone that has become a role model for others. Never in my wildest dreams did I envisage this to be the case.
The loss of my parents is not something that I will ever overcome. The hurt, the anger, the emotions, all remain raw inside me. At times I let this emotion out and the tears flow uncontrollably. Why?
I have also lost a best friend in my mother. My parents were an inspiration to me. They supported every decision that I made in life and encouraged me to reach for the stars. I question why they didn't share my destiny with me. What and who were they trying to protect me from? I question whether this was a path they wanted me to take and whether this was my true destiny. If so, why they pushed me towards education so much?
In a short space of time I have been forced to grow up very quickly and take on responsibilities beyond my capabilities. Even today, I do not truly understand the true extent of my responsibilities.
I have to learn to grow with my powers and live to love the new Wendy. But at the same time, I must keep the old Wendy close to me. During the day I need to remain that plain simple girl at college that doesn’t raise an eyebrow and by night I must transform into Chopstix.
I guess we all have an alter ego. I’m living mine right now, or at least I think I am. I’m trying to enjoy the journey as I feel it will bring me closer to the truth about my parents one day. But, something doesn’t feel quite right. Not all is how it seems.

Wendy Wu is an ordinary teenager who lives with her parents. She has always been taught about the virtues of peace, tranquillity and respect, always to use spoken word instead of violence.

When fate delivers a cruel blow, her life is turned upside down. Mentally and emotionally Wendy struggles to come to terms with the changes and pretends that nothing has happened.

Each evening, Wendy hides away in her room and passes time by continuing to make chopsticks for the family restaurant that is no more; the very same chopsticks that are soon to become her weapon for serving justice...

A tale of betrayal, adventure and revenge.

Chopstix by A.T Raydan is published by Unique Inspiration (paperback, £6.99). Available online from Waterstones here.

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